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  1. Hello guys, i would like to share with you my favorite obsession: Music, especially all the Downtempo genres.
    Each episode is a different mix and with a different theme.
    Check the episodes at my podcast, info, tracklist etc.
    Sample voices by some of the most brilliant Minds of ouw time such as Alan Watts, Robert A. Heinlein, Ravy Shankar, Terence Mckenna, Tim Leary.


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    Welcome aboard!

  2. yo man, just tuned in, gotta say, im enjoying this! :)

    super blazed, super good.
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    im checkin it out. dunno how it'll suit me but we'll see. awesome that you have a podcast though, I may PM you to figure out how i can do it myself.:D

    EDI: def awesome. +rep
  4. again, i really like these mixes, already made a cd and listened to it with my buddies for 420 today, it was legit. got the conversations started, the blunts blowin, and the bongs ripping.
  5. I'm diggin it. Thanks
  6. some good stuff man, 'preciate the link.
  7. Well folks theres plenty to choose from, Chill out, nu jazz, groove, psychedelic Downtempo, electronica and some crazy grooved voice samples to enhance the trip.

    Thanks for the reviews!


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