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  1. they are showing live footage of street riots going on in France about the law being past which allows employers to fire employees more easily.

    the French youth are pretty pissed off to say in the least.
  2. watchen right now
  3. GO PROTESTORS!! lol im with em on fighting agains that law... most bullshit law ever created by a government
  4. I love going to protests and throwing shit. Its like a giant mosh pit if you are the voilent type. Most of the people that go dont know what they're protesting I garentee.

  5. Some states in USA allow employers to fire employees for pretty much any reason.
    Idk why they allow it. I know a chick that got fired cuz she's a lesbian. Pretty low, imho. But I guess the law's around so that dumbass rednecks can fire whoever they want becuase they don't agree with their race or lifestyle.
  6. In Minnesota, employers can fire employees without stating a reason.
  7. while i am usually totally in favor of workers rights france and other european countries need to cut back a bit to save their economies. you may not realize it but the average work week in alot of european countries is like 35 hours with about twice as much vacation time as in the united states. this coupled with extremely high unemployment means that economies in europe are hurting alot. some action is probably nessacary.

    minnesota laws are bs though. i have a friend that got fired because a kid who knew the owners kid wanted a job and they felt like giving one to him. so they fired my friend to create an opening. it seems criminal.

  8. if she was fired soley because she was a lesbian she has the right to file a civil wrongful termination lawsuit. although she works for an "at will" employer, as do i, you cannot be fired for reasons relating to your gender, race, religious affiliation, or sexual affiliation. you should recommend that she contact the ACLU chapter in her state because she has grounds for a civil lawsuit.


    i wonder how much longer it will be until we have riots like this in America?

    ponder this?

    It is almost inevitable that we are going to get into a conflict with Iran. Iran is anouncing that it has test fired certain missiles. one of which can carrey multiple nuclear warheads and the other is a missile that can travel at really fast speeds under water. If we do get into a conflict with Iran they will have Russia on their side. China has recently expressed support for Iran as well. and who knows what North Korea might decide to do. That Kim Jong Ill dude is fucking crazy. They recently announced that they have a nuclear missle that can hit anywhere on the face of the planet and is undetectable by radar. besides the US, their would be Great Britain and Israel.
    so where does that leave us?:

    United States
    Great Britain


    (maybe North Korea)

    that doesn't look too good for us. and you know they will start the draft when this hapens. I seriously think that all males in the draftable age range should should have a plan on what to do if the draft happens. I do not want to go fight in get involved in all this ridiculous bullshit started by governments that are run by a bunch of fucking idiots.

    I have 2 plans:

    plan 1
    get an exemption based on scoliosis, flat feet, depression (i take meds for depression), fail drug test, or i could even resort to claiming i was a homosexual.

    plan 2
    run to Canada or Mexico.
    I have mixed feelings. The weather in Mexico is relatively nice. You can live down there on little money (i'm saving money btw). the tourists areas would be the only place i would want to live. there are certainly very seedy areas of Mexico that a white boy like me wouldn't be safe in. If I go to Canada I would go to Vancouver BC because the weed laws are relaxed on it's not too far off the border. the downside is i would hate the cold weather.
  9. That's what i hate, nobody has any understanding of the laws impact.

    It's a plan to stimulate economy growth.

    Im seriously not gonna waste my time tell you how, research it.

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