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turn a female to a hermie?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by fangorntrees, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. I apologize in advance since this might be a stupid question, but in my situation due to space I have no room for a mother plant or clones. So I have to start from seed every time. My question is, if a take a female plant and use a colloidal spray to turn it into a hermie what kind of seeds will it produce? Will they be the exact same as the original plant I sprayed? Will it produce male and female seeds? My goal is to be able to acquire a clone and due to space issues be able to produce seeds of the clone that way I wouldn't need a seperate space for a mother plant. Is this possible? Or will genetics get screwed up or something?
  2. the genetics will screw up, if you want viable seeds use a male or more to pollenate your plants.
  3. Use colloidal silver. I just wrote a thread on how to make it. It's in this section and its called Absolute Simplest Colloidal Silver Generator. This is exactly the info you are looking for. I'll send a link when I get on a computer of you can't find it.
  4. So in theory if I spray a couple branches with colloidal silver and harvested the pollen instead of letting it fertilize itself I could you that pollen to breed with other strains? And that pollen being the same stable genetics of the female I spray?
  5. You asked the question of the exact subject I am researching. I have other plants I want to pollenate with the pollen after the male flowers come out. What I've gathered so far is that the pollen from the male flowers (from using CS) will produce only female seeds. So yes, in theory you could save the pollen, vacuum seal and freeze as you would any other pollen, and when you want to breed, it will create cross-bred femanized seeds. I have to look into it more to confirm this, but I hope this is the case. I want some blue widow/orange bud femanized seeds and I'll have them if this works!
  6. Just buy some feminized seeds from a seedbank - it is worth the money for the genetics
  7. yea the seed bank is guarantee of female seeds but it would be a blessing to make your own and grow from there with many in pocket. patience is a virtue, just like using one seed to make a mother and harvest only the clones is truly more ethical but must require patience and knowledge. i think it works by turning a female plant into a hermie and using it to pollenate the other females, not the the hermie's seeds though. those would be hermie.
  8. It's really not hard to spray a plant with CS and make fem seeds. You are correct about the hermies. This is only true if it happened naturally. If you use CS, the seeds you get on the plant that pollenated itself are feminized and have no more chance to hermie than the mother.
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    Totally incorrect.

    If this was true why do folks like Francine say their seeds are 99% female? Sorry but I'm trusting the gal with a Phd who poineered femminising...
  10. Because that's exactly what making feminized seeds is.. A 99% guarantee that they are female. There is always a slight chance you will get a male. "Totally Incorrect" huh? Well.. I didn't know that you knew everything.. We should rename this website in honor of your genius. How many times have you actually done this? Or... Wait... Lemme guess... You just read something once and think you know it all right?
  11. Ok so heres where I get really confused and maybe this isn't the right thread to ask but is the pollen from the male flowers that is produced from the CS spray going to be the dominate genes when cross breeding? If the CS spray only produces femanized seeds when cross polinating, meaning the pollen created is all female pollen, which will be dominate when breeding? The female pollen, or the female plant that is getting pollinated with the female pollen? If I have a mango clone and a sour diesel clone and I spray the mango with the CS and harvest the pollen that is produced and pollinate the sour diesel will the mango be the dominate one? Would the seeds produced from doing this be a Ms, MS, or mS in genetic structure? I was reading a thread on here about it and it confused the crap out of me if someone could explain in further detail it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. That is a whole different subject because it has nothing to do with CS. That is breeding in general. Some male characteristics take over in certain areas more than others, while females do in different areas. For example, a male plant is selected for taste and smell... While females are selected for potency (Note, I am just using this as an example. Exact characteristics you could learn a respectable breeder, which I am not. I "think" it is something similar to this though). Now you throw feminized seeds in the equation and it becomes more advanced, which again, you could learn from a respectable breeder. In order to actually breed for an awesome strain is very time consuming. I meant by my post that you can easily breed female pollen with another female plant and create cross-bred feminized seeds. This doesn't mean that it would be a perfect strain. It would simply ensure you have both genes. To breed for a perfect strain, again, is very time consuming. It requires selecting many phenotypes for whatever traits you want, crossing, growing out seeds, selecting again, breeding with another carefully selected pheno... You get the point

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