Turkish, Hebrew, or Arabic?

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  1. Which language would you suggest learning? I'm interested in all three, but I'm not sure which to choose. I'm good with languages. Just not the romantic ones.XD They just don't go well with me. I want to visit Israel one day, but I've heard that most Israelis know English and it's easy to get around. I've also heard Arabic's most useful in the industrial world. I don't want to be an American that ONLY knows English. That's just too boring for me.:/ Help me out?

  2. I'd go with Hebrew. My money is on the Jews winning out. 
  3. Chinese is the most useful in the industrialized world as most Arabic countries are not involved with the world economy except for the oil industry. Oil is a commodity so no Arabic needed. Turkish would be beneficial if interested in becoming an international hash dealer....with more legalization looming, I doubt that market will be needed soon. Hebrew is a beautiful language and the Isrealis truly appreciate an American that speaks Hebrew. Which ever you pick, just make sure there are people around that can help support you by also speaking the language. I think it's a great thing you are doing BTW!
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    Well, I'd say Hebrew...but that's just cuz I know some and I find it interesting...but I originally learned what I know of that in a religious context, which although I do not at all still have my former beliefs, still has somewhat of a spiritual context...but yea, I like Hebrew, I'd say Hebrew, lol...
  5. Learn Sanskrit
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    Kind of wanted to learn Hebrew because in the movie PI, they talk about how the Hebrew language is based on mathematics.

    However I think Arabic is a fairly advanced language in itself. Minus the flegm.

    The only thing I know about turkish language is that it's an altaic language, which is similar to northern asian languages.
    Turkey claims north Asians and turkey separated from the same hunting tribes about 50000 years ago.
  8. Thanks!:)

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