Turkey Trip Entry #2: Rules for Adventuring

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  1. For those of you just joining me, I went on a solo-backpacking trip around Turkey.

    Since I was going alone I did some preparing by taking long walks around Seattle (my hometown) with the backpack I would be taking. It gave me a chance to explore parts unknown and adjust to the feel of a heavy bag on my back.

    While I was on these urban adventures a sort of traveler's code began to take shape. I put together a set of rules. Each one has a story behind it (ask individually and I can share specifics). So here they are, the rules that I did my best to follow in all my adventures; domestic and international:

    1. This is your journey. Each step is your own to take.

    2. Don't forget to bring a towel. It's the most useful tool in the universe.

    3. Wear a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes.

    4. Walk forward, your journey still lies ahead.

    5. Take time to stop and look around.

    6. Learn to live with less.

    7. Never pass up a chance to refill your water bottle or use indoor plumbing.

    8. Be cautious with your money. When you run out, the adventure is over.

    9. Know when to admit defeat.

    10. Don't be a slave to technology. Going unplugged can be liberating.

    11. Wear sunscreen. In fact, stop whatever you're doing and put some on right now.

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  2. Ooops, got cut off there. There's more rules still left!

    12. Be comforted by silence.

    13. If you're going to be late, don't let it be for lack of trying.

    14. Maslow's Hierarchy: Physiological, Security, Belonging, Self-Esteem, Self-Actualization. Fulfill needs in that order.

    15. Don't be too quick to label something as trash.

    16. Trust Past Tobias. He does the right thing more often than you think.

    17. Don't waste time on other people's stories. You'll never tell them as well as your own.

    18. Take a window seat. Look out more than you look down.

    19. You'll never have a zen moment with your shoes on.

    20. Keep your promises, especially the ones you make to yourself.

    So there's the rules. Which ones do you like? Which do you think might be bad advice? Lemme know your thoughts and highdeas.


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  3. I later added a rule for smoking throughout the day:

    Don't smoke unless you have some water.

    That one has prevented many a case of cotton mouth.

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  4. The golden rule haha
  5. Also, Rule 15 originally was: When peeing outside, stand uphill of the stream.

    The one about trash turned out to be much more significant to my trip so the original was replaced but I think it's still an honorable mention 21st rule.

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  6. these rule! good for you man, hope the trip was good to you. thanks for sharing

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  7. I hope you don't get fucked with by their authorities.....I'm sure our president will get your back..
    Have a nice trip and be careful. :)
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  8. This
  9. For sure! I've had an REI camping towel since a school trip to China back in 05. Since then it's served me incredibly well and I considered it my #1 draft pick for this trip. There's no way I was gonna ever let myself forget or be without that space-age towel.

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