Turkey Finds Sarin In Homes Of Al-Nusra Terrorists

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    ^ Can you say False Flag to bring Turkey in the fight against Assad?

    Al Nursa, the Syrian rebel group who have been described as the most aggressive and successful arm of the rebel force in the war against Assad and who have recently pledged their loyalty to Al Qaeda have been caught red handed in Turkey with the dreaded chemical weapons.

    It will probably come as no surprise to many here on GC that the Syrian rebels have been in possession of chemical weapons for quite a while. Remember the video of a rebel group testing the chemicals on rabbits killing them and then stated they will release the chemicals next on the Syrian people? Chemical weapons have been reportedly used in Syria recently and all signs continue to point to the rebel group, the UN agrees. But of course, whenever chemical weapons are detected the blame automatically falls on Assad but later is placed on to the rebels. If Assad uses chemical weapons that would open the door for western military intervention BUT if the rebels use chemical weapons then its just F'ing dandy!

    Assad and his regime are trash and need to fall but not to Al Qaeda, and Obama asking the Pentagon to impose a no fly zone while the EU is deciding on whether to arm the rebels is setting the stage for Libya 2.0.

    Libya is a hell hole thanks to NATO.

    Iraq is a hell hole thanks to the west.

    And here we go again.
  2. The all mighty dollar!!!!!! 
    Yeah, because everyone knows the uprisings had no part of it what so ever. Hey why don't we do the same to our Country.  :smoke:
  4. ATS? :laughing: dont you mean GC?
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    What are you kidding me? Thanks to NATO/west, Libya is a terrorist hell hole whose cites were bombed into the dirt to support the rebels, or as I like to call em, terrorists. Sure there were homegrown rebels who want Gaddafi out of power but there were also Al Qaeda terrorists who were among the ranks and as NATO led the bombing campaign allowing the rebels to capture city after city, the terrorists freed their fellow terrorists from Libyan prisons, put there by Gaddafis forces. Now Libya not only has to rebuild, expel the terrorists, but they also have to hope their new govt isn't already completely corrupt while trying to keep the Muslim brotherhood out. Libya was better off with Gaddafi.

    Iraq was a false war and those who led us to it should all be arrested, but we all know they won't. Iraq is another terrorist hell hole.
    Same with our country? Do you want NATO to instill a no fly zone and bomb the shit out of our major cities while having Al Qaeda fight everyone, civilians to gov't, in our streets? I want our Gov't replaced but not that way.
  6. Sure do, thanks for pointing out that error. I make that mistake from time to time cuz of copying & pasting.

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