Tupac Came And Left The World With A Message

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    So other then his beef with u all know who (b.i.g. n bad boy rec) he was overall a great spiritual guy and mostly talked about positive things .

    He always spoke on subjects that most people disregard during their daily life .

    He talked about life and death , how to live amongst one another . How drugs destroy homes (crack heroineX etc ..).

    How the poor are mistreated in Society .
    How we should respect our family and Neighbors etc.
    Also he was all about standing up for ur rights and fight when u must . Don't be a coward .

    I think he was almost as the black American Social worker prophet type .

    He came with a message and after he was gone the message got stronger . (Just like all prophets or people of greatness)

    What do u guys think ?
  2. Biggie all day
  3. yeah I can definitely relate to him especially being a young black male in todays society, the government couldn't give two shits about us.
    war on drugs my ass, If there weren't any drugs in our black community people would be poor as hell and the government would have to answer to us and tell us what's really going on cause that's some true bullshit, stop thinking the only reason thugs especially and blacks hate police and federalis is because our ancestors got beat up we know what's really going on...
  4. I'm pretty dope, thanks.
  5. I think he was a good guy at heart that was torn between good and evil.....he had a light side and a dark side....

    Sometimes his dark side would shine through sometimes the light would shine through more.....it all depends....but deep down I know he had a good heart. 
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    I love Tupac, very purpose driven, influential and had a message for the world. The realest rapper of all time in my opinion.
  7. Biggie never spoke of wisdom like tupac did not even close .
    He had good music that was mostly Influenced by tupac .
  8. Real talk bro .
    i think alot of it had to do with herion back in the the 70's.
    another thing that fucked up the family was welfare. you couldnt get it if you had the baby daddy around, so you told him to stay away so if the welfare people came around to verify, he was not there
    plus you keep them down, now a politition has something to talk about that the poor people can relate to and they end up voting for their promises that never came though
    but yea tupac was a good artist. while they called him gangsta rap, he was just talking about what he has seen
    where as today, it seems that rap has turned into bragging about all the materalistic things the rappers have...all paid for by the people buying their albulms
    Get out of here, Will!
  11. [​IMG]
    Assata Shakur
    First women added to FBI most wanted list. 
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    2Pacalypse Now had good stuff, but as Pac's career went on he began to blend with much of what was around him. He definitely has standout songs, but as it was said he had a light and a dark side. Other than the album I mentioned I feel HE never really shined through in his work with whole albums. But part of that also has to do with him being on major labels.
    I've got a problem with that. "and blacks hate police and federalis is because our ancestors got beat up we know what's really going on"? That's the most bulls**t excuse to hate a group of people. The people who beat up your ancestors are not the present day police. Please correct yourself if you think it's ok to hate someone for something that his ancestors MIGHT have done (I say might because there's a good chance the ancestors of most members of the police force were not involved in what happened to your ancestors).
    I can't believe some person actually "liked" your post...
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    Smith? Wut?
  15. Killuminati!
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    that quote of mine wasn't even relevant...I meant whatever reason people think we hate cops is wrong and THIS is why we truly hate them.
    I also dont know If I should take you seriously, I made no comment that would in the slightest make you have an argument with me.
  17. The older and wiser you get, the more like a lost child many artists become. Having been a fan of PAC for many years, when I surpassed his age of death I began to reflect.

    A positive message changes the world by changing the people in it. Those who take the time to listen to what he's saying will find a positive message within, when there was one. The majority of the time however, he was extreme, delusional, selfish, and violent and not because he had to be, but because image/persona required it. Many famous people become like this after years of being surrounded by yes-men, drugs, and alcohol. As an impoverished, lost, emotional teenager he guided me through many hard times, providing strength to my mind when I needed it most.

    After I grew up I realized a lot of the ways I was changed were in fact, not good, nor positive. The fuck it mentality fucked me over many times, until I disregarded it as flawed wisdom.

    IMO, 2pac was not killed for any other reason than the fact that he was extremely loud to the point of being obnoxious, lacked basic respect for human life, including his own, and dared the world to kill him. Many harder people can step out of the shadows and end a life if a person dares them to.

    I studied his life for years, hoping to find insight and life direction, only to realize that he was a 20 something year old kid when he died, who was more lost than found. Imagine what another 30 years could have done for him. Would he peak at some point and fall off like so many other black entertainers destroyed by their own image that is impossible to live up to, or would he still be a superstar? Like many other artists before him, including biggie, he wasnt as big as he could have been until he died......ie, nobody til somebody kills you.....

    His death gave him many more fans than he would have had, and solidified him forever as mysterious and infinite, as death does for so many other young great artists.

    He never got to experience responsibility, fatherhood, marriage, or even mature as an artist, which is painfully clear from the hundreds of songs he rushed to complete before the death he predicted by living a life that kills.

    As I look at artists like jay z worth hundreds of millions of dollars I used to wonder where 2pac would be today, how music would be different, and movies as well.

    The "beef" everyone hyped was, IMO, not even real, but another ploy to sell records to people who willingly eat up the propaganda fed to them. There are many interviews to back this up, from both artists.

    With all that said, I truly feel sorry for his mother, the fans that cling to his image almost religiously, and most of all for 2pac. He is the epitome of what it is to be limitless in talent while being void of direction. He was unique.

    I also believe anyone can be tupac in terms of success,fame, etc. it's as simple as cutting all strings and jumping without a net. Problem is, most people respect or fear "fear" and those who don't die young.

    Roll the dice.
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