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  1. Can I use a standard light dimmer to cut down a 480 CFM blower? The fan is rated 130w I think and 1 amp, the dimmer is rated max 600w. It says to only use with standard incandescent lighting. I guess that means not to use it with halogens or florescents. I plugged it and it worked with the fan, the only thing is it "humms" a little if I set it too low, but an incandescent light does the same I think.

    What do you think ?
  2. I wouldn't. spend $20 for a fan controller.
  3. Yeah I would too, but my question is what's the difference between the lght dimmer I am talking about and the 20-30$ fan dimmer they sell on eBay (and don't ship to Canada)

  4. Go to the website of the manufacturer of the fan or contact a store that sells the fan and they should be able to tell you what you can use, a solid state dimmer switch should be fine, one of the problems with using the dimmers is if you have the rpms too low ( via the switch too low) you can burn the motor out.
  5. It will work.

    The only differance is that it is "backwards" from a fan control unit.

    That is, the normal fan control units turn on full power when switched on, whereas the lamp dimmers don't.

  6. Yeah that's pretty much it... The main difference between incandescent light dimmer and a true fan dimmer is the backward thing. Will not be hurting much since it's never gonna be off, just a little below full speed. I think it'll do just fine.

    If I stumble upon a true fan controller I will probably get it but my current one will do just fine.

  7. There is also the "push on/off" type, but the electronics are the same.

    It's great when you get it "dialed in".;)
  8. You can get a fan controller from Hightechgardensupply for $20.00.
  9. A light dimmer is a potentiometer. I know for DC fans and may apply to AC fans, you need to adjust the voltage and not the amperage. Try using a potentiometer with your AC fan. If it acts more like an on/halfass switch where it operates at full speed and then at one point it just drops off or stops and continues drawing power with nothing in between; you need to adjust the voltage instead with a controller or transformer.
  10. Most home use lamp dimmers and fan controllers are the same, except:

    Fan controllers are reversed, that is from off to full on then the speed can be turned down.

    Some lamp dimmers have a "push on/off" switch.

    The real "high power" stuff will be different (stage light/house dimmers and commercial high HP motor controls).
  11. Thats the one you want, they're real simple to use and work great.

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