Tums to raise pH

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  1. Can I use tums to raise soil pH? If so, how much should I use per amount of water.
    If not I"ll just go get some lime. I was just wondering if i could use them so I dont hve to go all the way to the store.

  2. cant give you a definite answer but id go ahead and say "NO".

    my reasoning is that it has color dyes and flavorings and other additive made for human consumption not for plants. Lime is going to give you a much more stable and longer lasting buffer, and its made for growing. Dolomite Lime is what you want
  3. You could use motor oil for a laxative too, but I would stick to a product that is made for it. You will both be happier in the long run.....LOL
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    Re: Tums Tums to raise ACIDIC pH to about 6 - 7

    yes you can use tums, it is fast acting, short term.

    it come from lime stone, the flavor is just sugars no harm in it.

    use 1 tablet in 8 oz , or in the amount of water you need( 1 tablet per gal)
    wait 1 to 3 days in soil , note any changes to new sprouts.
    hydro is more Critical , novices need use of a ph meter.

    lime stone // the more powder like it is, the faster acting and short term,
    with hydrated being the fastest.

    Dolomite lime should be added to the soil, as an amendment before planting.

    if it is for humans chances it is safe for plants (but more expensive), exclude lipids and a few other miniscule things.

    that other guy has motor oil in the head ...lmao


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