Tumor on My Neck?

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  1. I have something on the back of my neck I'm afraid it's a tumor or something.
    Basically it started about a week ago, I noticed a small lump on the back left side of my neck. I thought it was a blind pimple. Around the time I noticed it I would find my right thigh would start to tingle uncomfortably when I would lay down, I'd noticed especially when trying to fall asleep. Over this past week the lump has grown, where it's now about an inch and a half, maybe two inches big. It's become noticeable to other people when I wear a shirt with no collar.

    The lump is hard and solid, and extremely sore. The pain from it radiates through my whole neck if any pressure is put on it, or when I turn my head to the side or up and down.

    I'm hoping this is just some kind of cyst and nothing serious. I'm going to the walk in tomorrow if I have time before my classes.

    Anyone ever had something like this?
  2. never had it, but worked with a guy that had a tumor on his neck. he had it removed and all was good. as long as you get it checked out in time you will be fine.. but im not sure how many doctors are on gc.. see a doctor asap!
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    I was gonna say it's probably a cyst. Most cancerous lumps do not hurt, I found after a quick search.

    Definitely get it checked out though.
  4. Sounds like a cyst to me.
  5. Yeah....I guess it's probably a cyst.

    They'll probably just end up draining it tomorrow.

    Damn, you know your life sucks when part of you hopes it a tumor.
  6. Im the type to sterilize a blade and find out in my bathroom. Although I dont recommend this of course.

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