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    No new tumblrs to follow?
    My previous porn/BDSM tumblr was offensive to SOME people :rolleyes: so I deleted it to end the arguement.. but then I had severe tumblr withdrawal symptoms..

  2. I still have timothythefirst.tumblr.com
    ...but I started a new one.  and this one isn't just pictures of anime/basketball/baseball/porn.  This one is gonna be actual writing.  I'd appreciate it if people followed it.  wordsfromtimothy.tumblr.com
  3. What are the benefits of Tumblr? I have a Instagram and was wondering if it was any different. 
  4. What is instagram? Like twitter but pictures? Tumblr.. it depends. Most people have themed blogs. Some just post random shit. A lot of people have writing blogs. Whether it be reviews of something, poetry, thoughts, etc. Musicians post music they want people to hear. My gf has a page for her art. And then of course theres the many many MANY types of porn tumblrs. Perv city. Basically just get followers and follow blogs that interest you. You want people with similar blogs to follow you so that theyll repost your feed and get you lots of notes. Ex. Any pic of any old kind of bud will get you lots of reblogs and likes and thus more traffic to your blog, more followers, etc. My blog is mainly surreal/psychedelic art, my love of books and coffee, quotes, and few nug shots. My lil sis has a tumblr of cartoons and illusions :p it's whatever you make of it. I'm addicted.
  5. Instagram is like Twitter but with pictures but it also gives you the access to use a variety of effects to change your picture, as soon as they add some options then it'll become less of a basic photo website. I do follow tumblr sometimes but I guess if I already have a photo site then I don't need another one. 
  6. is the point of tumblr just to post pictures n shit? do you guys post yoour own stuff or re-post shit cuz I see alotta cool stuff on there and it's hard to believe all original....
    thinking about starting one cause i'm always checking out bands tumblrs but i don't even know if an account would be useful for me hah
  7. It's up to you if you want to post your own things. Some do, some dont. Click the source of the post to see who posted it first. It's usually obvious if it's an original or pulled from google. Simple catfish image search if you really care that much. Like I said, a lot of artists, musicians, writers, etc post their own shit to share with the world and get noticed. The only pics that belong to me are some of my nug shots. Sometimes I post what's on my mind. My girl has a page for her art only and has sold some because of it, and another for all sorts of drugs and trippy weird randomness that shows up on her wall.

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