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Tulsa, Joplin, or Wichita Head shops

Discussion in 'General' started by ZippoMike, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. I'm new to South East Kansas. I can't find a decent head shop. Anyone know of one in or between Tulsa, Joplin, or Wichita Head shops? I need a Bong and would like to buy some Bowls for some home made one's. I also want some Salvia. Oh and anything else I see that looks cool. So please Post the Name and City of any "Good" head shops in that area if you know of any.
  2. Theres a ton in lawrence.. Seventh heaven (also in overland park) tobacco mart shit what else... Creation station.... I only know ones in lawrence and in KCK... none near you tho, sry.
  3. Hey at least thats a start. I should just drive over to the biggest college's and look around I guess. That seems the most probable location.
  4. Don't expect to find Salvia in OK. It's illegal :(
  5. Salvia is illegal in Kansas. I am glad someone told me. Thanks man.

  6. No, no, no it is not illegal in kansas... I bought 40x salvia at the local tobacco mart in fuckin lawrence...

    I've seen it for sale in 2 other locations as well...

    That guy is on crack...

    Wtf is OK anyway?
  7. Weebie What's the name of the shop? OK is Oklahoma.
  8. There are prolly 7-10 head shops in tulsa

    from sassys, quickie mart, starship, and other randoms that are all in tulsa there are 3 or 4 diff sassys
  9. the best headshop in tulsa is deff starship tho... they have CRUSH bongs MEDICALI bongs and PHX
  10. Yeah, dude, it is. Look it up. It's been illegal since the 24th of April.
  11. Alright guys so my old piece finally died on me. Whats the low down on the pipe ban in Lawrence? Aka can i still buy acrylic at CrSt and TrPl? or should i drive out to blue springs 7th heaven?
  12. in wichita there are 2 headshops oryans and mystic planet
    i go to mystic planet the guy is hella cool and lowers the prices on all his shit
    i just got a bong like a week ago from there
    its over on seneca
  13. if you can make the drive starship in tulsa would be my choice
  14. the woodland hills mall has a store called can you imagine they have pipes bubblers hookahs bongs and such but the terrorist who works there is a dick who uses no plurls what so ever so be prepaired but they have a nice selection so check it out

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