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Tulip j?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OGkushak, May 4, 2011.

  1. got a few q's on tulips

    How many of you guys have experience with them? I kind of want to roll one tonight and smoke it to myself.:devious: How do they work with just green? how much bud goes into an average one? Thanks blades!!:smoke:
  2. Waste of weed imo.
  3. it gets me pretty ripped, but a gram in tullip is same as gram in a blunt, logically it shouldn't make any difference

  4. Why? any better than a blunt or fat j?

    Do they hit smoother or anything. Kinda just wanna try it for a fun new way to smoke
  5. I smoke a few a year... like 4-5. I never roll one with less than 1.3 grams(perfect)... put like .7g into the j and .6g into the tulip. Looks nice and smokes good. Watch out when you seal the tulip onto the joint... sometimes the fit isn't tight so the tulip wont burn right.

  6. The tutorial i saw they used like a heavy paper for the "tube" or "j" part of it and just used rolling paper for the tulip part. Is it okay to not fill the tube part with bud like in the tutorial?

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