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  1. Well yesterday afternoon I was with one of my blazing buddies (she's pretty hot) and she was buying a quarter, and we always blaze eachother up. Well, after awhile my dealer wasnt picking up neither was hers, so we went to my friends house named well we'll call him Hibbirt. Anyways we got to Hibbirts house and we asked him if he had a dealer that could hook us up. Well in about 10 mins his dealer came to his house and got out the scale and sold us a quarter ( weighed in at about 6 grams(btw i live in BC)). This was strangest bud I've ever seen. It looked like shwag, but it wasnt because the pistils were too orange. But at the same time they didn't look like pistils, they looked kinda like fungus or little tiny mushrooms growing off the bud. Anyways we got my buddies bong out and hotboxed his house. I was feelign really good so then his sister came home and she rolled us an amazing joint with a freak brothers rollie. And we were all blazing that and all was good in the sanctuary of his home. Then my blazing buddy left left and we all just chilled. After awhile we went to go meet up with some people at the B-Ball courts and this is when things started to go down hill. All of a sudden I started to feel panic attack coming on, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. This has NEVER EVER happened to me in my 4 years of smoking. For some reason in my mind it felt like I would be like this forever, and I hated it. Every thing started to get a green tint to it for some reason. So I just sat down for awhile. I hated it. Then after I started to feel better I just left for home because that was the only place I was going to be comfortable at. When I got home I talked to blazing buddy (the girl) over msn and she told me when she got home she was still very high and she blacked out and had a panic attack.

    This was the worst stoning experience of my life.
  2. its probably laced with something
  3. yea and it gave me a killer headache after that

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