Tube Fluorescents

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  1. I am new at growing. I have two 2x23 watt tube fluorescents (92 watts total). I was wondering if these were enough to handle 4 plants to one and a half month vegetative growth, and to keep a mother going. I will be flowering with a 400w hps, 4 plants max for medicinal purposes. Strain is dutch passion blueberry. Vegetative and flowering area are both 6 sq ft each. Thanks for your help.
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    so, Maybe four 32 watt tube fluorescents? What is a general rule of them for vegetative growth for watts per sq ft?
  3. the rule is "more is better"

    maybe not "better" but faster
  4. I just saw on a site that 40w per plant is adequate. So I'm going to get 6x32 watts (can't find any higher wattages for tubes).

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