tsunami bong parts?

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  1. i recently broke the diffuser off of my downstem, i need to buy the whole new downstem and being that tsunami is such a special brand i am having trouble finding a replacement online. any suggested sites?
  2. I as well am having the same issues. :-/
  3. Yeah, they show the downstem that I need, but their site doesn't say anything about how to order their stuff. I'm gonna go check out my local head shops and see if any of 'em can do special orders for this brand
  4. I'm pretty much havin the same problem except that I broke the ash catcher. How did talkin to your local head shops go?
  5. Bushmaster bongs made a very similiar bong called the cyclone its now called the buzzard, you can buy the spares for it including ash catcher im just unsure how interchangable the parts are regarding size etc
  6. Just so you all know you can't post links to competitors websites on GC.
  7. GC doesn't have the part, I don't see how it's competing.
  8. I ended up calling tsunami directly and asking them for help. I can't remember now because of my amazing short term memory, but I just called a head shop that carried tsunamis and they gave me the number. Tsunami ended up being very helpful and replaced my ash catcher real quick. Its too bad that the female part of the bong broke about 2 weeks later and then in a blacked out stumble I kicked it and broke it into like 4 pieces.... :(
  9. could someone please help me replace my ash catcher. I recently broke it and have not been able to find a replacement. HELP!

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