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tryn to find the goods in socal

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by morningsmoke, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. yo, im staying in santa monica with my sister for a few days and im trying to find a nice headshop, i dont have a car out here or any connections, friends of mine told me to just hang out near the pier and people will come find you if you look like your trying to find some buds. well i did that today and no luck so far, also read that venice beach has killer head shops, is that a far walk from santa monica? any suggestions on finding some buds would be cool. thanks, i havent gotten to burn in 4 days and its starting to get me.
    keep tokin'
  2. the head shops in venice beach are about a 15-20 minute walk south of the big santa monica pier. Ive seen people smokin weed in venice before, shouldnt be to hard to find a hookup, especially with all the head shops.
  3. cool, appreciate it, are they just located along that main road on the beach?
  4. a lot of the shops are on the beach
  5. omg, dude. i was in venice yesterday. i could off hooked you up fat with medical and showed you around to a good head shop. pm me next time you are in town:wave:

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