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Discussion in 'General' started by hoast, May 25, 2006.

  1. If you've ever been interested in trying world of warcraft, they've just added a friend referall program where each member is able to send out free 10 day trials.. this is how I started, got blazed and tryed a 10 day trial and went out and bought the game.

    Anyways, more info at

    If you have a friend who plays, ask him for a referall. If you really want to try it, send me a PM. I dont know if there's a limit on how many I can send, im sure there is. But check it out.. fun game if you have some extra time.
  2. dude stop now you'll get addicted and never want to smoke weed again, cuase you'll be to busy playing warcraft
  3. I've been playing since last summer, and been smoking weed for years and will be for years to come.
  4. honestly, i don't see what people see in that game. i got to level 26 with an undead rougue and it was just retarded. the lower levels aren't that bad because everything is new and you level up quickly. once you get to contested territory everything slows down and you have to deal with people that are of a much higher level than you just sitting there waiting to kill you. unless you have a friend that can twink you it's not worth it.
  5. Sucks for you. You only got to level 26 so your opinion isn't too valid. I played by myself to level 60 and it's very fun.
  6. i only played to 26 because the game sucked that hard. i don't see the fun in killing mobs for 10 hours to gain a level, all the while trying to avoid higher leveled opponents so that you don't spend assloads of time looking for you body. battlegrounds you say? what's the point when everyone except noobie me is twinked out with crusader enchantments?

    my friend got to 60 and he got sick of running 12 hour instances for little or no gain. so even though i don't have a first hand account, i have an idea.

    if you like the game go for it. to each their own. i'm just giving my honest opinion about the game, whether you feel it's valid or not.
  7. thx hoast for letting me in on this, ive always wanted to try world of warcraft and now with this 10 day free trial ill see what all the hype is about. +rep
  8. You do relize that you can smoke and play at the same time?


    WoW wasnt bad, I played up to 46 on my rogue and 42 on my shaman, I would have acually stuck with the game but I dont have the time to devote to long instances so that I can keep up with everyone.

    PvP was fun in wow but sense the game wasn't really geared(Sp?) twords it, it could have been better.

    10 day free trail would be worth doing for people interested though for sure.
  9. I bought that game and a 2 month membership and I didnt even like the fucking game. There goes $100 that I could've spent on weed.

  10. Yeah pretty fun game... I bought it last christmas with a 2 month game card for $30. It has really good graphics, and awesome gameplay, but as I got past level 25 things did slow down and I got bored. I'll try it again in the future most likely when I have the time. :cool:
  11. i quit because it was such a waste of money.

    The wait times for that game are ridiculious. The last couple week i played, i'd be in constant wait times to log onto servers of 20min-140min.

    This is a game you pay 20 bucks a month to have full access to :rolleyes:

  12. really? cause they upgraded servers in past month and there hasnt been a que in forever to get to log on ur toon..

    and bgs wait are a min >1 min and up to only 15 (ab) which is rare (on mug'thul atteast)

    i just got into an end-game guild last night.. here comes the best part!
  13. Hmmm i might buy a new game-card but that's pretty unlikley.

    Their customer service pissed me off too.
  14. I'm on a full population PVP server (Thunderlord) and never in my expirence have I had to que to get in.

    I do not like Blizzard though, they are some idiots.

    I have half the PVP set for the champion plate (warrior)
  15. Correction... Here comes the most boring and frustrating part. I played WoW from the public beta until a couple months ago. I have two 60s, with my main being a mage who was dripping with epics by the time I quit.

    The endgame in WoW in just aweful... Instances are a massive time sink with little return compared to the ridiculous amount of time you need to invest in them. Some of the boss fights are interesting, but the vast majority are just a huge pain in the ass. After having to learn all of the Molten Core encounters, the Blackwing Lair encounters, the Zul Gurub encounters, the Ahn'Kiraj 20-man encounters, and the Ahn'Kiraj 40-man encounters up to the Twin Emperors, I was ready to stab my eyes out before I spent 1 more second in an instance.... And that doesn't even include the time needed to learn the World encounters (Kazzak, Azuregos, Green Dragons).

    If you are joining a guild that is already clearing MC/BWL then it won't be as shitty as having to learn the encounters with the group, but it will be shitty nonetheless.

    The pvp is also pretty fucking terrible. It has a lot of potential, but problems with class balance and itemization make it too frustrating for me. If you are playing for the pvp switch to Dark Age of Camelot. It has the best pvp of any mmo, and getting the top level and endgame items can be done in a month.

    In conclusion, I love world of warcraft, and I have to fight the daily temptation to reactivate my account.
  16. Thx hoast for letting me know about this, I'll get a couple of referals to play again! :)
  17. I had a level 60 hunter on Lothar but I gave that account away to this guy at college. I have another account but I haven't played in several months. 35~ Dwarven Warrior on Detheroc I think. IIRC he has pink pants.
  18. To the fellers who PM'd me, check your emails.

    Here's my warrior in the full champ PvP set..

    the right side is what I look like now, left is in about another week of PVP.

    Oh, and here's what I would LIKE to look like.. but this is Warlord armor.. would take me months of pvp grinding to get, especially because i am on a pvp server.

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  19. gettin high on WoW is fun. I love owning all the shit talkers, so ppl on elune bring it. :smoking:
  20. Thank you hoast!

    I've been trying to DL the game, it makes you get a DL manager first (cuz its 2 gigs), but every time I initiate it it tells me they're server is too full. RHRHHGH

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