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  1. I need to start conserving my herb so I decided to get a vape but I dunno which one to get. I'm stuck between the herbalaire, extreme q, MFLB, or arizer solo. If anyone is in college help me out and let me know. I've tried the volcano and I completely love the bag and I've never tried the whip. Someone hellllllllp
  2. if you can afford it go for the volcano, if you need something portable go for the pax (again, if you can afford it). if your on a tighter budget you cant really go wrong with the MFLB (i have one personally). 
  3. The arizer solo could potentially save you the most money and it produces some mighty fine clouds as well
  4. the only thing about the MFLB that gets me is the battery. I've heard from a lot of people that it doesn't last long at all
  5. how's the battery on it?
  6. Silver Surfer or Da Buddha.
  7. thats very true, i guess it depends on weather you don't mind remembering to recharge them. i've got 4 so i rarely get caught out without charged batteries. the other down side is that its a pain teaching people how to hit it each time a pesky friend wants to try it (which is a lot)
  8. yeah and that's kind of why I want a bag vape. It's pretty easy to use but I haven't found any portable ones with a bag lol (if one exists)
  9. Arizer solo hands down, if you're stuck between mflb and the solo. You can get ~12 bowls per charge. Pack it 3/4 full and a little loose.

    Pop it on 3-4 temperature setting and you'll be flying high by the end of the bowl. The girlfriend and I each have our own, and share a quarter at a time. It. Lasts us about 3 weeks of daily smoking 2-3 bowls a day each (we use shorty pvhes stems now though, smaller bowls)

    Seriously, it can be discreet and kept in a straw cup, and works fantastic. Battery life is around 120 minutes and it auto turns off at 12 minutes

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  10. yeah in all honesty I was thinking about getting one. For the price and all of the reviews I've seen, it looks like the best.
  11. Get the MFLB!! The batteries aren't very bad, about one trench per battery. But honestly I can't even finish a trench by myself, this thing puts you in space. Plus it's nearly 100% odorless and the stealthiest you can get!
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    Go to puffitup for the solo
  13. Well, your current options confuse me haha, not sure what it is your looking for in a vape sine those do not have that many similarities lol.
    But I can tell you right now if the solo is on your list you probly want to take the MFLB off unless you main concern with a vape is stealth.
    The solo has way better quality vapor, way easier temp control, is a mostly convection vape (MFLB is all conduction which means that it constantly cooks your herb, which is bad). and the solos battery completely blows the MFLBs out of the water although you can get unlimited spares for the MFLB.
    In regards to bags and vapes:
    I have never been a fan of bags and probly never will be, for me I see no point in storing the vapor in a seperate medium so it can stale and cool before I hit it, i would perfer it to be fresh off a bud and certainly wouldn't pay $600 for a volcano to take that away from me (not saying its a bad vape because it isn't). I also wouldn't compromise anything about a vape (price quality etc.) to get the ability to use a bag (im talking about the extreme Q which is a bag and whip vape). Of course there are people that perfer bags and have reasons for them and if thats you then my suggestions below won't be useful.
    Desktop vapes:
    da buddah- close to the same price as the extreme Q and is solely a whip vape and persolly I would but it over the Extreme Q, Very simplistic and wont break easily, great vapor quality, 100% convection, etc etc. its a good whip vape.
    arizer V-tower- Basically the extreme Q minus the bag, you save about $40-$50 on the Extreme Q but do not get the bag.
    Honestly though I would suggest the solo I vaped in my dorm room a bunch and let me tell you the halls smelled great from it  :hello:
    but that's not necessarily a good thing obviously (depends a lot on building structure door seals, airflow etc.), so the solo is my bottom line suggestion you can take it outside and be safe 
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    Totally agree. Arizer Solo is an excellent vaporizer. You really can't go wrong with a Solo, imo.
    Did you find that the PVHES stems are worth it? I've looked into them, but I can't determine if they're worth the $20
  15. What about a genie vs a mflb, i figure since the genie is convection itll smell less right?
  16. I think the PVHES stems are definitely worth it - however not necessarily a MUST BUY accessory, but as you have the extra income to cover it, definitely start camping out the planet vape page multiple times daily to throw down an order.
    I also highly suggest picking up a Shorty stem if you vape alone, or only with one other person most of the time - conserves a lot more bud.
  17. I'd also highly recommend the MFLB - its so portable and discreet and you can get massive hits off of it if you use it properly - also its less than $100!  Only concern is that if you use it wrong, you can burn it which I assume you want to avoid.
    However, if I were you, I'd wait for the DaVinci Ascent to come out - it looks really promising and hopefully should be out within a month.  I'm in the process of buying a new vape and decided I'd wait till it comes out because if its as good as it looks, I'd definitely get it over the Pax since its $250 as well.
    Just my .02
  18. Also, probably worth mentioning that I had the MFLB in college too and actually got in trouble with the police for smoking it because it smelled up the hallway - took all the usual precautions like fans and air freshener and wet towels but apparently it still crept out - I'm guessing it was because some novice people kept burning it in the MFLB so be careful if you plan on vaping with people who don't know how to use it - it can smell if you burn it!
    End of the story was that the po-po took the vape.  My friend who works for the police checked their evidence locker the next day and apparently it was I'm guessing now their out enjoying a vape of their own....arg.
  19. I'm using a vapor genie right now at my parents house. Smell is almost non-existent.

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