Trying to update my style

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  1. I got a job and im tryin to find places to shop online and the mall or where ever that has nice clothes/hats/accessories for a good price. I pretty much dress casually like most dudes. I also like some classy stuff.
  2. Do you dress casually like most normal people.
    or like these YOLO snapback kids?
  3. Theres a fashion section y'know...

    Uhh... just see what you like best...

    I mean askin' us to pick out cool shit for you, is like asking your mother :laughing:,

    just see what you like a classy way :smoke:

  4. LOL yolo snapback kids. Naw i dress normal for a black dude.

  5. This site is amazing o_o I never knew such a site existed
  6. You already know
  7. [quote name='"GreenRangerFOH"']

    This site is amazing o_o I never knew such a site existed[/quote]

    Only the best for you my friend
  8. AE, hollister, lacoste
  9. lol dude your a dick

  10. Huh, How?
  11. my bad i thought you were joking. i hate that shit except maybe a dope polo from lacost or somethin :s
  12. LRG
    a little polo
    a little nike
    white shirts
    sports shirts/jeresy's.

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