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  1. So im thinking that next summer when i am not in the dorms i might want to try out growing legally in a house or apartment off campus. Im not really doing it to sell or anything like that strictly for my own stash and of course for enjoyment of growing my own baby.

    If i do decide to go ahead and get my card and grow legally next year i have come up with a preliminary run to see how it goes

    My plan is to build a box large enough to house 2 plants. I was curious how big of a box would you guy recommend to accomodate 2 plants, i plan to lst at least 1 if not both.

    I am going to make a cfl light just like in the book 8oz for under 100$ by seemorebuds i feel like 42watt lights would be enough to get a decent yield. I was curious at how much of a power draw that 6 42watt cfls would put out

    I wasnt sure what do in terms of lights. I know i wanted 6 42 watt cfls but what bulb color combos would you suggest for veg and flowering?

    finally how much power do you think im risking to draw if i also have 2-3 fans blowing to control temp and odor using carbon?

    thanks for the info guys, im going to research all for a long time before i finally do it but just wanted to get some preliminary questions answered
  2. If this helps me and my buddie had 2 plants under 4 23 watt cfl's and everything turned out suprisingly well. Also we grew in a closet with not much air circulation and still produced, I think that many fans sounds like to much. I would just say an intake coming from somewhere fresh entering in underneath the babies and a nice exaust at the top???
  3. thats what i was thinking. I planned to cut a square in the bottom and then another in the top on the opposite side of the box as an exhaust with maybe some carbon. Then possibly just one for small computer fan (or larger depending on heat issues) to blow across the lights/plants to strengthen stem as well as move some of the heat off the plants if its too hot.

    If i did 4-6 cfls what spectrum should i get?
  4. Yeah, that is a good idea with the fan blowing across the plants, I just watched a 2 hour dvd on growing and the host said moving the air around the leaves was what you want. I'm not real expirianced, though when me and my buddy did it we just had full spectrum compact G&E lights cost us about 12 bucks a light. Our two plants we had were really healthy looking, about 2-1/2' with some forest green leaves and red stems of a seed we found.
  5. Daylight bulbs for veg, soft white for flower. I throw in a couple of the other bulbs during each stage, just to get a larger light spectrum in. I've got two plants in a cabinet right now under a bunch of CFLs with a 4" computer fan at the bottom and a 4" duct fan at the top for exhaust. They're really taking off. Just remember, the more light the better (and the bulbs are pretty cheap at Home Depot, but you could just be a poor college student).
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    what am i looking at in terms of powerusage with 4-6 lights and some fans going 18/6 and then 12/12. I plan to use clones since they are readily available at most of the dispensaries where i would be going when i get my card

    edit: im not worried about power due to costs i just meant is it going to increase an amount that could be noticed by someone who was really paying attention and suspicious? Or is it only going to increase enough that it could easily be someone leaving stuff on
  7. From what I have read, stay under 3,000W in a house. This includes all accessories.

    But if you are growing legally, what's the concern?

  8. i dont want to draw any un needed attention even if it is a legal grow. Plus i wanna keep it kinda cost effective.

    Ive been reading rule of thumb is 100watts per plant + 25-50watts each additional plant. So im thinking for veg 6 24 watt 6500k bulbs
    flower would be 3 42 watt 2700k bulbs and then 1-2 more 24 watt bulbs for supplimental

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