Trying to switch from bottled nutrients to organic amendments

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  1. Hey y’all! So I’ve been watching a YouTuber by the the name of Mr. Canuck. He uses coco and Gia green amendments. I’m trying to do a similar style soil but I want to use promix and Down To Earth amendments. I’ve bought DTE 4-4-4 and 4-8-4 and a bag of earthworm castings. I’ve always used bottled nutrients so I’m wondering if their is anything else I need to add to my soil to get great results.

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  2. Homemade compost and worm castings are the best to your base mix with. Then add the down to earth.

    I'm using something similar called earthdust. I know you can make "teas" with earthdust so you may be able to as well with down to earth.
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  3. The business is leaning that way. Im amending my soil now with bakashi nectar ftg one shot dry amendments. Some worm castings and earth shine. The vids say u can get away with just one shot amending but I'm a feeder and like dank weed so I still use bottles too. Like 15 lollllll. I feel yah 20201009_125057.jpg Image (5).jpg

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  4. Chicken Manure = 1 lb coffee can per Cubic Foot
    Kelp Meal = 1/2 cup per CF
    Alfalfa Meal or pellets = 1/2 cup per CF
    Be sure it doesn't have a worming agent in it like many horse chows do.
    Sulfur Dust. 1 tbsp. per CF
    Mix 4 weeks before use for best results. Keep moist.
    The high (N) green content may make the mix go thermal and hot for a week.

    For instant use cut amendments in half.
    DTE products are way overpriced IME.


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