Trying to start up , CFL grow ( couple questons )

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    i have 4 Bright Effects 23w = 100w CFL light bulbs ( 6500k 1600 lumens ) , using the back of the tin foil as a reflector ( broke ass ***** ) , 5 gallon bucket , and fox farm soil. Eventually buy a couple CFL 2700k ( 100 - 130 watts total).

    would this be enough to grow a decent size Skunk plant? do you need nutes? and can i use fox farm through out the whole grow? also do you use the same potting soil the whole time or do you eventually change it? lol.

    any tips/advice? :D
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    reflector........ummm tin foil isnt that great of a reflector because it creates hot spots and trust me u don't want a fire ... you should use mylar hence u said ur ...broke i would suggest plain white printer paper it reflects more then tin foil

    your all good for plant yes u will need nuts after about 2-3 weeks , yes u can use fox farm , and it depends if u start ur babys in a cup then u'll have to transplant into the bigger 5gallon later on .. if ur starting in the 5gallon then yes u can use the same soil threwout the whole grow ...hope i helped =]

    check out my grow for a cheap setup i made
  3. Hey sounds all good to me. If you check out my grow journal and read through it I think it will help you tremendously. Im on day 28 now.
  4. Looking good except for the tinfoil.

    And you don't really NEED nutes, but they help. Sometimes they can screw stuff up tho, so you might want to get a ph meter cos that's the cause of a lot of problems, is messed up ph.

    Just remember, it's a plant that will just grow if you let it, you only need water, soil and light. :)
  5. looks good man but i dont know why people settle for so low wattage CFL's....hook up a 42W CFL and you'll double your lumens
  6. printer paper , really? anyone ever used it before?

  7. i'm broke man so i had to settle with the low watts , but i mean its only going to be one skunk plant and its my first grow , just seeing if its my thing

  8. from what i heard , ph meters cost some , and then you need to buy ph down and up , right?
    anyone know how much this would be? and would it be a stupid idea not to even use one?
  9. I know it's bad, but I bought a cheapy $8 one at Home Depot. The kind you stick in the soil and you can ballpark your moisture, light and pH. I only got it to see what my pH even was. I don't plan on doing much more. :)
  10. so i have 2 skunk seeds , and about 6 stress seeds. Should i start off with the bagseeds or just go for it and try the skunk out? and would 92 watts be enough for two plants(veg)?
  11. I would start with bagseed so you get some practice under your belt.

    And for watts make sure they're actual watts, not equivalent watts. But you need 100 actual watts for one plant, adding another 50 for each plant after that. So you're a bit short for two plants. But remember, the more the better, so you can have more than 150w for two plants.

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