trying to smoke in thailand

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  1. hey guys

    i'm a Japanese/Chinese dude living in Thailand.
    just started smoking this wonderful herb at the start of this year, and i've been hooked like everyone else :)
    its just not as easy to do this as in america like everyone else on this forum ( i think) 'cause you'll get in deep shit if you get caught. I've even stopped smoking couple weeks ago because there's apparently a random hair test during October and me and my friends don't wanna get fucked up.

    anyways thats my story
    so is there anyone here from thailand? or even asian?
  2. hey I'm not asian but I'm from India. Just joined the forum as well.
  3. well im not a asian ,but if i was you i wont got hair less for that test.i think weed stays in the hair follicle for like 6 months or more,all i know it's there longer then in your piss.
  4. the only thing i heard about thailand is just for possession of a little amount your lookin at jail time, a lady got busted with 2 pounds not a little amount and is facing either 2 years or 15 years i dont know why i thought of those 2 numbers when i thought of her case but its one or the other... you will not find me in any country that will put people in jail for a small amount of weed, well that is until i leave america but even america we have some chance of not going to jail
  5. yea it's pretty fucking bad. my finnish friend would always say how his parents wouldn't really care about weed if he was back in his homeland.

    thanks for the info weedandcrack, but luckily i cut my hair down to like an inch right before i knew about the test. whew lol
    guess i'll be holding back for a while...

  6. haha yea
  7. Welcome.

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