Trying to request my password!! Nightmare! Lol HELP!!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by KushKing00, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Hopefully someone in admin could help me. I've been requesting my password for hours now and am getting no response. Basically bought a new laptop and can't remember my password. If someone could PM me it or something I'd appreciate it! Was all excited to browse GC on the new computer but I've hit a speed bump lol


    Btw I've checked my spam folder on my email, no luck...
  2. So when you click forgot password and send a email to the email you registered your not getting any email, are you Sure your checking the right email ?
  3. Yea I'm sure its the right one. I tried requesting it like 4 times now and still nothing =/ and I've been making sure to check my spam folder but no luck there either.
  4. I've also tried making a new account with a brand new email I've made specifically for this site and have yet to receive an activation email...
  5. Yeah, we have a sticky in this forum that basically says that if you are using aol or aim, you're pretty mush SOL because they block the majority of our emails especially those pertaining to account activations and email changes. It's getting to the point that we are going to have to stop allowing members to use aol or aim for their registration email addresses.

    I'm sending you a PM...follow the directions and you should be good to go. Just please follow the directions. :)
  6. Hi this is kushking00, I created a gmail account so that I could receive the links. Only thing though is whatever you did to PM the way to redo my password, logged me obviously I didnt see the directions to fix it and obviously cant log in to read it. Since being on this forum ive never just been logged out without doing so myself. Atleast not on my phone.

    Also, I cant exactly find this sticky that you speak of that warns people of this problem. Obviously a lot of people cant find it as to why this has been posted a million times lol Maybe its own sticky would be in order or at least putting something in the title to make it easier for people to find. I looked through a couple then gave up lol Hard to follow directions when you don't know where to find them lol

    So am I completely screwed now that I've been logged out or is there still hope? lol

    Thanks for all your help!! I love GC!!!!
  7. All I did was send you a PM. It shouldn't have logged you out...although the new password may have been the cause.

    I forwarded the PM to this user account. Please let me know when you are in your original account so these additional accounts can be deleted.
  8. try again, i tried for like a month and today aol finally let the emails thru
  9. I didn't think anyone still used aol/aim

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