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Trying to quit smoking.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Konokolokopokonodokobo, Jul 27, 2017.

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    Hi everybody. I'm a 18 year old trying quit smoking. I've only been smoking for a little over a year but I don't want to smoke anymore. So my dad grows a little bit of dope and me and my brother like to help him and my mom's cool with it. So basically I can get high in the comfort of my home, smoke whenever I want and however much I want for as long as I want. And I'm on summer break right now so I have way too much free time. Now that probably sounds like a dream to most of you but that's exactly the problem. Yesterday I smoked all day. And all day I had a huge headache but I just kept smoking anyway. I'm supposed to be an aspiring musician but I can't write anything decent cause I'm too high all the time. Also my family is poor so we don't have alot of food. Been living off of sandwhiches and coffee for the past couple days which is fine for me (xD) but when I get hungry and there's nothing to eat I go and smoke to try and take my mind off of it. So it's hard to quit smoking when you have a cool family like me and a big ol jar of dope sitting in the living room. So any advice would be appreciated. Also please don't talk to me differently just cause I'm only 18. That's called ageism don't do it k thanks.
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    Nice try but you'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me.
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  3. Ask your parents for advice. They have the big jar of dope for the underage minor in the house.... Lol priceless!
  4. Not sure what you mean there bud as I actually am 17 and am in no way trying to trick you.
  5. 18+ forum lmao all I'm saying is I wouldn't be surprised if you caught a ban
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  6. Oh man you're right lol. I didn't know that man I'm genuinely seeking help. Gonna come back in a year lol.
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  7. Quitting is about self control as much as limiting yourself smoking is, if not moreso. Smoking isn't an inherently bad thing but if you want to cut back that's completely down to you. Cannabis isn't physically addictive so all you have to deal with is the mental side of things and usually keeping yourself busy is enough to help with that. Try limiting yourself first and see how that goes honestly
  8. First of all I would like to put a little bit of disclaimer here. I don't think most people have a problem with weed and I think it affects their life in a positive manner. I love it, think it should be legalized everywhere, but there are also a part of the population which might not benefit if they smoke too much. I am part of that population.

    For me, will powering it didn't work at all cause I was doing some heavy self medicating, I tried will powering it but couldn't last more than two months. This is what worked for me.

    1) Analyze why you smoke and the costs of smoking. Do this thoroughly, give it more than a day or reflect and repeat. If you really feel and believe in your analysis to the core, this will help a lot. Just thinking it once wont.
    2) Decide if it is worth smoking, if not, decide to quit or decrease.
    3) Try to handle some of the things that make you smoke more than "you want to". You'd be quite satisfied if you were able to help you family with the economical situation. Will feel shit at first facing certain realities but will get easier.
    4) Don't be afraid of the psychological urge, the feeling of wanting to be high. It will come, but it will become less and less. Do some mindfulness stuff and focus on the feeling, it will maybe peak at 5 min urge and be essentially gone after 15. When you've experienced it a few times you'll realize that the urge isn't really shit.
    5) With the above steps in hand, don't be to afraid of slip-ups. They will come but it isn't the end of the world.

    Well, this is a hard one. I semi quit smoking, smoke like once or twice a month and more during the summer. Before that I've maybe smoked like at least 10-14 kg (calculating based on avg daily use) over a period of 11 years. When I wasn't working or in school I was pretty much high all the time.

    For me quitting was initiated of being in a place where I had no access to weed, or at least very limited access with repercussions, so I guess that isn't much of a help. That helped me stay clean for a few years and think about my drug use.

    Nowadays I essentially still have a lot of drugs laying around and access is far from a problem but I still don't smoke in a manner that I think anyone that actually smokes would consider a lot, and it has no negative effects on my life what so ever. I would say that I'm on a light recreational use by choice.

    Reason to why I don't smoke that often nowadays is because I've had time to think my drug use through. I thought what it lead to. In your case (from interpreting your post) not being creative and productive, maybe not looking for a job, maybe not trying to fix the economical situation at home, running away from reality and stress. In my case I became somewhat of an underachiever when I had chances to become a lot more and I didn't deal with my mental health issue in a manner that I should have. I would say reflect a little bit on this, see what it costs you and see if it is worth it to smoke "too much/often". When you honestly realize the costs, without closing your eyes to them, you are better able to decide what you want to do.

    Another part that I think might be a "danger zone" when smoking is running away from feelings. If you are smoking to flee problems that can't be fled you'll be stuck in a spiral that will lead to more smoking. If something doesn't go away and will never go away, try to handle it so you don't have to smoke to get away from it. Sometimes toking up to handle something high that is too hard to handle normal is a good thigh:) But it shouldn't be your main problem solving tool.

    If you decide that you want to stay clean, and if you manage to stay clean a while, the urge will be there now and again, especially due to access. Most people think the urge will stay there for ever and try to fight it, instead, just focus on how it feels and how long it takes. You will notice that you have lost the urge in around 15 mins.

    Guess thats long ass post, don't get why I write them so long:/

    GL Guy
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  9. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to write such an amazing reply! Right now I'm feeling like I can do this! Even though it's only been a couple hours it's big for me. I'm going to try focusing on music. And you're totally spot on about me wanting to get a job. I also need to get all my driving out of the way but I've been putting all of these on hold. My goal for right now is to try and smoke LESS. But obviously I'm going to try and not smoke at all but I don't expect that to last long. I'm going to try straight will power. I've read online that I need to have a plan so whenever I wanna smoke I'm going to remind myself of what I actually want and then try to think of something else to do. For example, I wanted to smoke last night but decided to draw instead.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to see how long I can go without first. I don't wanna smoke at all but if I slip up it's no big deal.
  11. The part I don't get is if you want to stop, why don't you stop? It's not as if you were a drug addict. The next time you feel like smoking, don't smoke.
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  12. ITT: OP lives out the fantasy he's doing real drugs and can't stop. Lol a 17 year old musician getting blazed all the time, cry me a river and tweet about it.

    It's fucking weed dude. You've never done drugs and experienced real withdraw or inability to quit, or struggled with addiction in any sense of the word. You want to stop smoking? Then just stop, holy shit. Get a job, a hobby, and a life. Nobody forces you to load a bowl and smoke, and you have no actual life problems yet to deal with so running away from feelings is a joke. Grow up and lay off the weed young'n. It's not hard.

    #ToughLove lol

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  13. So, I only want to comment about your ageism remark.
    Obviously we talk to people different because of their age. That isn't ageism. The literal dictionary definition of ageism is "discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people." And of course we SPEAK to people different because of their age - you don't tell a 3 year old "put that down, son, or you will become complacent and eventually become more prone to accidental harm." Instead, You simply say "don't walk with scissors." So of course we talk to people different based on their age.
    You explain portfolio growth and investments differently to a 35 year old than you would an 18 year old.
    Please take the advice people give you with a grain of salt, don't just ignore it because they are speaking to you as if you are 18,'re 18.

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