Trying to quit smoking (cigs not weed)

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  1. So I recently decided to stop smoking cigs but it's really difficult. I know it's supposed to be hard but it's affecting those around me, while I was smoking I was happy and even tempered but since I quit I've lashing out at anyone and everyone, I'm just angry all the time and depressed. Is there anything I can do to kind of take the edge off? And I already smoke weed on a regular basis and it isn't helping.
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  2. exercise. I just quit three weeks ago with no problems thanks to running and other various exercises.
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    Physical withdrawl symptoms last about 48 hours. After that it's all will-power and you just have to keep your mind off of it. The best advice is to enjoy a nice big meal when you get a craving and go to sleep early the first few days. I notice when I wake up I don't have an INSANE URGE to smoke a cig for at least a couple hours if I don't want. What is that 8+ hours of sleep in addition to being able to control yourself another 2-3 without an urge? 10 hours further towards your goal brother! Also be sure to let others around you know that you're quitting. It's so hard to get through a day when everyone just acts like a shit-head because you don't feel good. Tell them it isn't personal if you're lashing out and if they could just help you get through a day or 2 everything will be better and they can be potentially saving your life. You'll be surprised at how much support you'll get from family friends and even co-workers!

    Edit: Cannabis helps with cig cessation. Look into "e-cigs" they have cartridges that contain no nicotine. Will help with the constant urge for puffing on something and you can still enjoy a nice throat burn from delicious water vapor. :D
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  4. My dad quit a 25 year long addiction using the gum.
  5. Thanks for the support guys, I'll try what you suggested Ridgemont, and I wish I could use the gum or patches but they cost about 3x as much as a pack of cigs, I don't have that kind of money. Today is my second day without a cig so hopefully by tomorrow the physical withdrawal will be gone and I won't be so irritable. Thanks again for your support guys. :wave:
  6. It's no problem buddy. I would suggest still investing in gum/patches for an EMERGENCY situation. Don't pick up the cigarette or right before you light it have that other thing you could turn to. The price is reasonable for saving your life. Spending even 100 dollars for a few days without a cigarette will still save you money in the long run. A month of not smoking should easily pay for that yeah? Half a pack a day, 5(+) dollars a pack, 15 x 5. 75 bucks + tax + health problems. There are websites that are available with a ton of support and can show you how much money you save every minute/hour/day you haven't been smoking. Pretty cool to know I've saved over 3 thousand dollars quitting a pack a day habit a little over a year ago. I still have one every now and then but it isn't controlling me like it used to. I'm subbed and will keep an eye out on the thread to help you get through the next days. Let me know any problems your experiencing and I'll try to help you get through them. :)
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  7. That's really cool of you man, I appreciate that, I'd give you some rep but I'm literally 2 points from getting my light green bar lol
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  8. Good vibes from ridgemont! I also quit smoking. It was never about the money as i have a pretty good career, But i knew i was damaging myself and my family. I was able to buy lots of bud and i literally just rolled up a bunch of joints and filled my old packs with them and carried it like i used to with cigs, At first i rolled maybe 50/50 spliffs, then just straight joints after a week. Looking back at it i probably could have gotten in alot of trouble if i got pulled over or searched or some shit. 20+ 1.3-1.5 gram joints!

    I was off them comfortably in about a month. I had been smoking a pack+ a day for 7 years and had smoked even before then.
  9. It's not about the money for me either, although I'm sure it's going to be great having the extra money. It was my girlfriend who convinced me to stop, her father died of lung cancer just recently and that made it real for me.

  10. i didnt even have that. i quit cold turkey, but i just smoked to boost my high and when i didnt have weed. i maybe smoked a cig twice this year after smoking regularly for at least 3.
  11. Exercise for sure! Running helps everything, it just sucks so much d!ck.
  12. I smoke a pack a day and I know exactly what you mean. If I wake up without a cigarette, I'm having a bad day.

    I know you say smoking weed doesn't help, but do you smoke joints a lot? If I had the cash, I'd just light up a j anytime I craved a cig.

  13. I usually hit the bong because I don't have the money to light up Jays all over the place lol
  14. if i smoked a joint everytime i craved a cig i would be rediculously and unproductively high.ive tried this approach lol.i much prefer a couple hits or bowl

    to OP- this is my 2nd day of no smokes i want to punch babies.
  15. Don't use any nicotine containing products, it only prolongs your addiction, ride it out cold turkey....
  16. It's easy to quit if you got lot's of work to do,which will take your anger from not having a cig.I quieted cigarettes at a time I had to do a shit-load of work (building type of work).It took my anger since all you do is work.I was smoking for 5 years 1.5-2 pack's a day.I stopped smoking for 2 weeks,but i'm at it again (2-5 cig's a day).I diffenetly felt a lot stronger and better after I quit.It's not that hard to quit.All you got to do is put your ball's from hopp'n around,back into your sack,just don't smoke.
  17. I hear ya man, I've been the same way, It's just a good think I haven't been around a baby lately...

    I haven't been, I just don't have the money for it, they cost about 3x as much as a pack of cigs.
  18. Exercise and buy a vape. The MFLB or arizer extreme q. Ive heard a good vape helps people stop wanting to smoke cigs.
  19. Heres a solution:
  20. My method has a 100% success rate. You will be cured and smoke free in one to two days.
    Follow these steps...
    1. Find two or three friends and tell them you want to quit and need their help to pull it off.
    2. Give each of them an un-opened pack of your favorite brand of cigs and destroy all open packs.
    3. Explain that if you ask for a cig they are to execute the plan swiftly and without hesitation.
    4. Explain the plan like this. "If I ask for a cig, say NO and kick me in the nuts hard."

    No one has asked for more than two cigs using this method. After a 12 to 24 hour recovery period, you're cured!

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