trying to purposly get a female to Herm

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hippie john, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. i have a bunch of female clones and was wondering if i take one and set it on 12/12 for a week, and back to 24/0 for a week, and back the 12/12, and so on, if i can get it to herm?

    cause i need a male plan to get some seeds, but dont have any males, so do yas think this might work?
  2. its not a good idea to try to get a herm because when it pollenats ur female's ur going to end up with bad genetics and u will have to deal with herms with all of those seeds.
    just grow the clones as they are and take clones of them and then take clones of the ones u cloned and just keep doing that its alot better than havein to fuck around with herms

    thats what i would do anyway

  3. The best way is to use geberillic(spelling??) acid. It comes in a powder form and you sprinkle it on one selected branch you want the male flowers on. The acid reacts with the female flowers and as they progress through flowering the selected branch star6ts to show male pods that will release pollen for seeds. I think this method is what the breeders use to get al female seeds. This is because the female you choose to show male parts already has female chromosones so the offspring(seeds) will have prodominant femaLE chromosones increasing your chances for female plants. Not to sure if hermy traits show up later.


    its Gibberellic acid.

    and yea that is the way to go if u wanna try to make some seeds from advised that u will only have female genes. and some of u know what i think about feminized seeds. :)
  5. Sorry but these guys don't know shit. I have done it years ago, I made female plant to turn into a hermie, by screwing with the light cycle. No need for any gibberellic acid and seeds turned out to be just fine.

    It was a long time ago but I think I put them for 5 hours on-7 hours off-cycle for two weeks at the start of flowering, and then into 12/12.
  6. Yes,you can stress them into going herm, the seeds will produce females, not hermaphrodites. The resulting seedlings will be almost just like clones of the mother,(with some variations of course), same genetics etc....... This is how I inbred when I grew indoors.
  7. Who ever gave that attitude,you better return it and get a new one. Iv'e thron out more plants then you'll ever grow. peace

  8. I think i'll do this>>

    i'll make 1 plants go herm, and polinate another female with the pollen from it, and plant afew seeds from it under some flouros, and see if that works out OK:D
  9. You may have grown more plants than me, but on this question that Hippie John was asking, you and charlie seem to have no first-hand experience.

    I was just using some colourful language, pretty mild compared to a lot of talks here.
  10. attitude is a sign or originality and individuality - somebody
  11. I found that a good way to herm a lil lady is to interupt her 12/12 but not using your main light. If you have the time just get in with them and strobe the guys with a few swift on offs with a million candle power torch (a poor mans dragon light).

    It seems to work though I only have anecdotal evidence.

    Bonus is you don't actually have to change their overall light cyle just keep them 12'in.

    Quite fun too!

    In a strange kinda way.
  12. um yes i do know SHIT.

    not all plants will turn hermi with light cycle changes. of course that is another way to do it but i was responding to greenbudz and not giving the end all of all knowledge in the world that apperently FInn has.

    and personally i dont think that attitude is a sign of anything other than a spoiled brat.
  13. especially in an all female environment. I have never been able to grow a truely sinsemillan crop because my physical challenges usually cause an interuption of the light schedual. I keep a sharp eye out for the male pods as they emerge. Some plants got as high as 50% male. Those I chop and smoke. Sometimes I get a plant that is only 1-2% male, and I can keep up with the little suckers for a few weeks. But eventually, one gets loose, and that is all it takes. It usually shows up as a sudden slowdown of growth at the tips of some buds. If you want some seeds, you will need to let them mature at least a month on the plant, or as long as you can afford to let them. My best results have come from the rare seed you find in home grown sinse'.
    The moral of this tale is, stress from lighting inconsistancies is a fairly reliable path to hermaphroditism, but who needs it? Keep you clones pure, and try for a male plant worthy of cross breeding. That will be more fun, and add variety to your dosage. the earth(worm)girl strikes again....
  14. HIGH All, welcome back's been awhile. Good to see the more experienced growers coming over to cut the grass. I can see your goning to be a valuble Bladie here.
  15. Sometmes my methods are strange, even bizzare, but I have learned a lot about what a plant can take, and what they really want. Having more fun! Which is what makes earth girl so friendly. I love to share the wealth, while we overgrow the goverment....
  16. HIGH All, aaahhhhh earthgirl sometimes it's good to see someone else's methods even if they are strange, even bizzare *LOL*.

    hippy john trust me you don't want anything to do with hermmies...once you get them in your gene pool it'll be hard to get rid of. It's no fun watching your prized collection start getting balls. Clones of coarse are the way to go and pollinating is just as easy.
  17. When I wrote "these guys don't know shit", I was just throwing in some colourful language. I didn't even think that someone would get offended. I have been reading various message boards where most people are americans and they call each other and their moms with all possible names on a daily basis and nobody takes it seriously, it's just business as usual.

    So chill out guys, you don't need to feel offended because I wasn't even trying to offend you. Happy now? :)
  18. I recently took seeds from a herme and I can't get any of them 2 germinate and I've been getting a 99% germination rate with other seeds. Why would these seeds be any different?

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