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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Sassynoodle, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. So I'm getting my first paycheck soon, and I figure a good investment and upgrade would be a portable vaporizer. I come to you for a second opinion on what kind I want, as I'm currently mesmerized by this: Gentleman's Brand Vaporizers

    I like it because it vaporizes flowers and concentrates with ease, seemingly at least. It's looks pretty good for what I need. Is the price worth getting it? What other vapes should I get instead?
  2. The magic flight launch box seems pretty promising, too.
  3. Search 3 things on here, it titles only:

    1. portable

    2. solo

    3. pax

    if you don't get atleast 10 results I'll give you $5
  4. I really like my iolite. I know some people have been hating on it recently, but it's a good unit, gets the job done and is super portable.
  5. I use a vapour genie, the metal bats look the most portable and best of all they are lighter operated.
    VaporGenie Vaporizers
    It's ultra portable and uses a ceramic filter to heat the herb. Once the herb is inside you screw the filter on top and the herb can't fall out so no spilling and can be stashed in your pocket at any time. I got the classic wooden one, bought it from a shop that kinda ripped me off I should of just ordered one in for about 50 dollars. But I really like it because it works like a pipe. It just takes some practice to learn how to manage the heat with your lighter but easy once you figure it out.
  6. I'd get a DaVinci or wait a little longer for the Ascent (made by the same co.)

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