trying to post pone male flowering

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by PotatoBry, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. i wanted to know about reveging males
    i stumbled upon this thread but i want more info Re-vegging a male?

    do male reveg like females do
  2. In which ways?

    The light cycles do have an effect...

    Are you talking about before or after pollination?
  3. i would just clone the male in question , then use it for the girls when i found a great strain to breed
    as we all know the males grow so much quicker , so a stagger in the cycle would work out about right
  4. i took him out of flower room and put him in the veg room just wondering if hes gonna revert to vegging and if its gonna look like a female revegin
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  5. either sex will look like crap when they re veg hahahah,
  6. just trying to figure out visually when he will revert
    ive monster cropped femals before snd know how they look and reveg
    male is from a fire strain and he looks the best out of the teo and i want to keep him for futur use but i didnt want to seed my ladies now
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  7. just clone um, keep cloning until your ready , re veg can and has taken up to several months
    hadnt seen you around much and seen you had a stroke, glad you made out alright bro
    nov 1st was my 3rd birthday from my quadruple bypass, i still havent lost all the weight ive gained being down but working on it
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  8. Dr are still trying to figur out the cause of my clot

    im still unable to use my left arm/hand but i got usage of my leg back not 100% but stil i can walk
    ill be having my first year birthday in january
    ive been mostly away working last year and then during winter i stayed mostly in hospital i did try to grow this year but it wasnt too good but still a lill is better then nothing im gonna be ready for next spring
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  9. just to update male as started to grow some leaves so im thinking it has reverted im planing on taking a cut and discsrding the original to keep it small and dormant
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  10. tried cloning ended up trashing both

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