Trying to plan my box

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    Pointless thread. Mod can delete.
  2. Just buy a tent Do you plan to cover up the smell ? Where you going to put it ?
  3. Agreed, you should just buy a tent and be done with it.
  4. Why spend 300+ on something I can build?
  5. Why would you spend $300 on a tent?!?!
  6. 4x4 tents are pretty cheap around 100 bucks, but if you enjoy the thrill of building and are confined to that exact spec, seems like you thought it out well for air flow and lighting positions.
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  7. Well, a tent isn't very mobile and I want to be able to move it around the house if need be.
  8. so put wheels on the tent....
  9. I did all that, built a box , filled it with a bunch of DIY gear, in the end, I just ended up buying a couple tents and some quality lights,
    I could have even done it cheaper and just bought the entire kit, tent light fan filter ducting, pots nutes etc

  10. My (not so small) grow box WIP
    Already started ^

    I like building my own stuff.
    I can make it exactly how I wanted.
    Don't have to worry about a box sitting on my doorstep that says "Big ass pot growin tent"

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