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trying to open the first headshop on molokai

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by huapala808, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Aloha no everyone, for years i have been thinking about this. I met a person on Maui who advised me to begin with Dejavu Wholesale. But they don't carry RAW papers which we are addicted to. Any advice, also do i need to have a tobacco license to distribute just rolling papers for now. I am beginning really small to slowly build beginning with saronges, tapestries, rasta bedding such as pillows and such, and flavored juicy jays and raws for now. ADVICE PLEASE! :smoke:
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    Stop by local headshops, make friends, meet glass blowers, sell glass :)

    Order papers in bulk, store them in a dry area.

    GET A TOBACCO LICENSE. no one is going to go to your store just for those things. Cigs and cigars in your store will bring so many more people.

  3. This island is separated from all the other islands. the only way to get these products is through the internet or if you travel off the island which is very expensive. So thats why i am just at that point for the moment. Not sure which company to deal with for the papers.
  4. oops forgot to say i am on the island of MOLOKAI.
  5. Meet a glass blower guy.. theres a couple on GC i think
  6. I missed all the parts saying this was in hawaii, sorry lmao. I mean, you could do it, but that's a hit or miss thing.

    Give me a list of top inventory items.

    Papers are a must.

    I would put top priorates on glass pieces, because every smoker will be looking for them.

  7. there are no local headshops. he said he wanted to open the first.

    its not a bad idea especially since its a remote area. however, ive never been in a headshop that sells cigs. blunt wraps, shisha, papers yes. but never cigs.
  8. awesome feed back guys...i know it will make money but looking on line makes me paranoid. websites look legit till i read the reviews. my friend in maui owns a shop, she has a list of 808 glass blowers, but i need to make money to buy all that great stuff. so since no one here sells anything like i named, i will make money for sure, its just finding the LEGIT so many reviews with people being ripped off. i aint got that kind of money to waist. Keep em coming...LOVE IT MUCH ALOHA TO ALL OF YOU!
  9. First, good luck with the shop! It's always nice to hear people trying to open up a business regardless of what it sells.

    Definitely invest in some glass (Even if it's only a few pieces to start), for people like me, it's all I'll buy. I don't smoke blunts or joints for health reasons (I get insane cough from them) and so glass is my preferred choice. The other products that you listed seem like a great investment though for people who do use papers.
  10. GLASSES DEFINETLY...planning to buy a few then hopefully make some profit and just invest in its self from there without spending anything i figure, it will take a few months before i see profit. Gonna try and look for some MOLOKAI glass blowers, and i hope its the GLASS I need. lol
  11. Hire me so I can move there
  12. nice to see people from hawaii on this site, i wish you the best of luck with your business bro

    aloha from the Big Island
  13. Thanks everyone really appreciate it!
  14. Looking for a business partner? I need an excuse to move to Hawaii permanently.
  15. Do you blow glass!
  16. No need an excuse just come!
  17. Any head shop owners got advice for me on little Molokai?

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