trying to name my bong =[

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Bong, James Bong.
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    blue man group


    blue dream

  3. bolth good suggestions thanks =]
  4. name it asshole :}

  5. lol i would if it was a peace of shit but this thing got me so fucking high the first day i got it that i felt like i was on a roller coster when i would close my eyes
  6. Blue



    bong jovi
  7. a good name will come
  8. Yea from us :D
  9. truth.

    your bong already has a name, you just haven't gotten to know the bong well enough to figure it out. smoke a few bowls, it will come to you.

  10. thanks man i think i will try this when i get another 3 to 9 grams of dank =] (my dealer only sells in 3 or 9 grams lol)

    i speak the truth :smoking:
  11. Naming your bong is cursing it to break.
  12. Boy blue. That's what we named ours but it eventually turned green. New people would always ask haha.
  13. naw it aint cursing it lol it is making it more meaningfull to ya :smoke:
  14. gay theres no need to name your round foot payday bong from weedstar:rolleyes:

  15. no its not gay but you sir are gay:smoke:
  16. says the cyco juggalo stoner.

  17. lol and he cant read cyKo anywais smoke a joint an get over it stop trollin and have a good one

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