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Trying to make my first batch of hash tonight.. help please?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Parkis420, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I picked up around an ounce of bud today, very high quality. I want to make some hash with about a quarter ounce and i'm looking for the most efficient way to do this. I have never made hash before and don't want to waste a quarter :p My questions basically are as follows:

    Which hash making method is easiest for those on a budget?
    Which hash making method has the best yield?
    What are the current expected yields from Butane extracted hash, bubble hash, etc?
    Using Buds > Using trim?

    any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Highest Yield on the lowest budget, id go with QWISO, for oil, or bubble, if you want hash.

    The yield depends heavily on the quality of the product... if you made qwiso, it could run from anywhere from 1 gram, to 3 grams, 3 grams being rare and requiring super fucking dank ass bud. It seems low, but 1-3 grams of oil, is a good quantity, and generally would last someone who isnt over smoking it a while.

    Using bud, i think is better than trim, some would disagree mainly because trim is essentially worth nothing by itself, but the hash/hash oil made from it is highly valued.
  3. If its some really good kush why make hash out of it? Just smoke it in bud form. If you had mids then you should make hash.
  4. Enjoy wasting your bud
  5. quickest would be of course dry ice hash but thats just kief. Best yield would prolly be BHO but ISO would be the easiest if you want real oils!!
  6. I dunno why you guys say its a waste lol....

    If you want hash or oil, you want hash or oil. If you want it, you didnt waste it, because bud wasnt the desired product....

    1 oz, of PRIMO extreme bud, will only have 5-6 grams of THC in it, total. And thats some top notch weed.... Now also keep in mind, if you aint vaping that shit, when you hit the weed, there is a residual heat after your done, and some of the cannabinoids are vape off regardless. So you take an oz, and make a run which produces 1-3 grams of oil, and do another run and get a smaller amount, thats a bit lower in quality, probably from .5 grams to a 1.5 grams.

    You arent really losing anything... except plant matter that you dont need to smoke what so ever. You can also deliver a high with 1 hit, rather than multiple hits. Reducing some of the health risks involved....

    Its really just a matter of preference, if op wants hash/hash oil, its really not a waste in anyway, i dont get why you guys feel the need to make it seem like it is if the op obviously wants to make one of the 2

  7. yea bho is defs the best yield, but for a lower budget, iso is the way to go haha, BHO you need to either buy equipment made for making it, or buy other shit and make it yourself, and the butane is more expensive because you need high quality butane haha
  8. ^^^ Very true but gottta start there to make my Budder!!

  9. Hahaha i make my qwiso into "budder" sometimes.... makes it smell so fucking epic, but, sometimes i just dont waste the time whipping it up hahahahahah i get lazy and i want my skillet rips

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