Trying to make cream

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  1. Sooo GC my goal this summer was to save up some cash. I have not done such a good job w/ that this summer. Ive got about 500 dollars worth of bills a month and my turbo just shit the bed on my car. Thats a whopping 2500 dollars on top of desperately needed 550 dollar tires. Got to borrow some money from my dad which I HATE doing. Im going to try paying him back asap but w/ the bills I already have its going to be tough to not be broke for the next few months.

    Just smoked the last of my weed and I think Im going to take a break for a little while. A tbreak is overdue and I just feel guilty spending 100 bucks a week on weed when I owe my dad money. But sometimes I get bored and talk myself into getting bud when I know I shouldn't. I guess its all mental though, just need something else to take up my time

    Anyone got any tips you use for budgeting your finances or making a little side money? Trying to get this debt out of the way asap and then save up some money before I get laid off this winter. Ugggg
  2. Get a non seasonal job? There's no magical way to come up with 2500 bucks.
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    don't buy a piece of shit non needed "turbo" with 600 dollar tires is a start. what the hell you need that shit for pretty sure 65mph is the max limit in the u.s and cars from 40 years ago reach that speed so get rid of that to begin with. how much did you borrow from your dad, i mean it's your pops he is not gonna kill you or something, at least show some respect and what not and attempt to pay it off by giving him a little money every week.

    if you got good connects buy an ounce of fire and sell only dubs that weigh 1 - 1.2g especially if its light weighing weed the dubs will look fat and they sell all day and you're making good money.

    think about it, do you have any valuable items that are just sitting in your fucking closet or something, craigslist that shit or something, pawn shops if its really just gathering dust, got a rider lawn mower fill that bitch up with gas and get a weed whacker and go to the rich community's full of old people and do their yard work


    p.s if you live near a nascar racetrack get a part time job selling shit their for them unless nascars over but i hear they pay really good and you get benefits and shit.

    times are hard man for real do what u gotta do to survive i've done things i'm not proud of just don't get caught be smart.

    if you're black make up a mixtape of some whack ass raps and go to the ghetto and give them to the gas stations to sell

    ^ i seen that in a ace hood video LOL
  4. Haha yea I was thinking of doing the craigslist thing, dont feel like selling anymore, I did that for 4 years and kind of sick of it.

    And its not the actual turbo thats broken but it needs to be replaced b/c something else was messing it up. Pretty much the car was constantly over turboing so I was afraid the engine would blow if I waited too long.

    Maybe Ill try the mix tape thing haha
  5. Getting a job is a great way to stop getting bored and tricking yourself into buying weed.
  6. These were my thoughts from reading the title and reading the posts above me:

    Trying to make cream? Interesting thing for a stoner to do. Will it have a high fat content when homemade? (after reading the story) Huh? Oh! I get it, cream means money.
  7. I'll make you some cream ;)
  8. I thought this posts was about baking or something the whole time til I clicked and actually read it.
    Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Sweet.

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