Trying to make BHO out of my trimmings

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  1. I have a jar full of trimmings, my question is, should I let them dry out all the way or keep them fresh and throw them in the freezer?
    Thanks guys

  2. From my experience its best u keep it fresh and put it in a bag in the freezer for about a day then run it. Overall the product should come out a lot light amber colored
  3. I won't be running it until next week.
    Should I still freeze it tonight?
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    Fresh frozen is usually blast chilled to around -40. If you don't have a blast chiller, I would suggest drying first.

    @isaac do you just freeze in a regular freezer? Seems like you would get a lot of moisture and chlorophyl in your end product.
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  5. I don't have  flash freezer so I am planning on just drying them out for 3 to 4 days then freezing them.
    How long before running it should I start freezing? Does it not matter as long as it's frozen?
    Thanks, also while you're here let me send you my shopping list and tell me if I'm missing anything.
    - Extraction Tube
    - Oil Slick Silicon Pads
    - Pyrex Dish
    - Butane
    - Silicon Container
    - Coffee Filters
    - Rubber bands
    Anything I'm missing?
    Thanks again.
  6. Razor blades
    Parchment paper, not wax
    At least 3x refined butane, i dont use less than 5x.
  7. Also dont run fan leaves or anything not covered in thrichs.
  8. Awesome, I got the 5x butane.
    Will grab some razor blades today.
    I ordered these oil slick pads from amazon:
    So I still need the parchment paper or does that substitute it?
  9. Well please dont blast onto it no matter what you do, but parchment paper is nice to have on hand, id recommend it if you can get it. If you have a winco near you it should be about half price there for the good stuff.
  10. Also i recommend the rectangle razors, not the pointy ones, easier to use with your finger tips while scraping bho out of your pyrex.
    A brand new paint scrapper works well in conjunction with razors too.
  11. Awesome I will try that out.
    Would you recommend blasting directly into the pyrex or onto the oil slick mat?
  12. The pyrex, if you blast into your mat or parchment paper microscopic particulates of the paper or mat dissolve into your product.
  13. Sounds good thanks for that.
    Sorry for all the questions but while I have somebody wit experience I might as well take advantage of it.
    After you run your product and scrape the goo off what method do you use to purge?
    I'm looking at using the double boiler method. Any tips?
  14. Be super careful with temps, too high and it burns, i usually purge slightly over room temp with homemade vacuum.
  15. Also, double boiling does NOT need boiling water, just keep it a constant temp. I like 80-90 f
  16. Hey man thanks a lot for all your help.
    I'm gonna be doing my first run in a few minutes.
    Will let you know how it goes.
  17. Calibre or other refined butane NOT RONSON, I use oil slick ptfe sheets , you can blast straight onto it then throw it straight in your vacuum
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    Vac set up , Bho on ptfe sheet moisture caused buttering, Shatter on parchment

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  19. Post pics bro! You're welcome

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