trying to make a homemade filter to blow my smoke into

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  1. trying to make a homemade filter to blow my smoke into.
    i took a paper towel roll and stuck one of those thick running socks in it. would this work?
  2. What are you trying to achieve ? no smell, that should work, get some paper towels in there to. And filters in this case if it's for smell, there called sploofs.
  3. running sock?

    just use a fabric softener

    I don't think a sock will work unless it smells terrible
  4. its clean, and i wish i had fabric sheets, my mom got those dryer balls instead. i can spray some anti fungus spray on the sock, that stuff smells like baby powder
  5. dryer sheets in the tube.
  6. activated carbon + water bottle + coffee filter

    rinse the carbon before you put it in your bottle otherwise you might end up inhaling carbon dust
  7. what you should do is take that cardboard tube, stuff it full of paper towels, then spray those paper towels with febfreeze, air freshener, deodorant, whatever.
  8. Buy some freaking dryer sheets at the dollar store :laughing: wtf are dryer balls ?
  9. blow the smoke out the window chief
  10. Go to the pet store, buy some activated carbon (a big bag is 15$). Get home, and find a plastic bottle. Pour activated carbon into the bottle (a quarter - half full). Stuff the rest with some dryer sheets. Pierce small holes on the bottom of the bottle for smoke to travel through. Pack the bowl, inhale and exhale through the top of the bottle. This is the ultimate spoof. You can take massive hits through your bong, and never have to worry about it. Also, activated carbon is in the "Smoke Buddy". Don't waste your money on it!

  11. The opposite of blue balls? lol...

    but seriously, dryer balls are these little balls you put in the dryer instead of dryer sheats. Some people claim they make your clothes softer, get wrinkles out better. etc
  12. Take a empty paper towel roll, stuff it with alternating pieces of toilet paper and Bounce fabric softner sheets. Use a device that does not allow any smoke to escape from the end, like a Dugout one hitter, blow the smoke out through the tube and I gurantee that it will not be detected. Have used this in the dorm when I went to college and in my house when I lived with my parents and I have smoked and exhaled through a tube like this as my parents were entering the room and they never smelled anything. I have also been smoking in the car and have blown out a hit AFTER I noticed a cop in my rear view mirror and he never smelt it. Keep the pieces fresh and it works everytime as lng as none of the smoke escapes from the utensil you are smoking from.
  13. guys guys guys get with the time its all about that auto poopshoot

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  14. Tape paper on one end of tube
    Poke small holes in paper
    Fill with baby power *to the top*
    Blow through that

    Awesomeness :cool: :smoking:
  15. use a charcoal based air filter , it will trap alll the odor but i think their fairly expensive. but it will last u a while

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