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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by solarsinsemilla, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. just sitting here listening to phish, thinking how pointless everything is, the only thing i can ever think about now is the future, the present is way too fucked up for me, with all my problems the only thing keeping me here is pot, that i have enough to smoke to forget about my problems. i know thats not the healthiest solution but i cannot deal with reality, drugs are the least of my problems. I've been drawing plans for the house i want to live in, its beatiful, its a cabin in the country i havent decided which state yet but it will have alot of property. There will be one big cabin and a smaller one when you first come onto the property. The big one will be almost in a U shape, and have a main living room, kitchen, indoor hydroponics setup, indoor organic set up, the bed room will be very big and have a tall ceiling. On the wall there will be a ladder goin up to a loft that will have a bed up there and plants growing around that bed just a few. In the main bedroom there will be a skylight over the bed. In the U area there will be a small field of Shaman plants. Then there will be another small crop some where. There will be a shed for drying, and another shed for breeding males and what not. There will be a garage for a car or 2. Then in the backwoods, once my crops are growing and i have enough pot to smoke, when i start gettin bored i will be building a maze throughout the woods. The first cabin will be like a guest area so they dont see my plants and will have a killen and a studio for glass blowing. I've drawn out the floor plans for all of this its all i can do to help forget whats happening. Sorry for the long read and not much of a point but i'm sober and bored and had to do something
  2. sounds like a good plan man, where the fuck is my room? ahahah
  3. you can stay in the guest cabin, with all my glass bongs i'll be blowing. i sorta want to have a gun collection not for killing but just to shoot stuff and it feels cool to carry a big gun. yes i'm insecure
  4. badass man, i was talkin to my dad the other day about what im acdtualy gettin from him.. i get all my dads stock and shit in texas wings (hooters). and he was sayin how he didnt give a shit what i did with it..sell it..keep it.. etc. how i could do whatever i wanted for a living but his job was always open to me also....which is awesome.
  5. that sounds pretty cool man. i only wish i could plan out shit like that.

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