Trying to introduce fungi and microbes to soil mix?

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  1. So Iv bin researching all day on different products I can ad to soil mix to increase microbes and bacteria. The think is I’m using nute water and these plants are in pots indoors. I NEED STUFF THAT WONT EFFECT PH. I found a few things like rock dust and stuff to ad to water but I want a good little eco system growing in my pots without the help of water additives. I also found nematodes online! Maybe that will help some of you guys growing outdoors. I can’t use them because where I live it’s supper hot and they die in hi heat

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  2. I’d like it the eco system to be as self Staining as possible

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  3. Start with a common organic mix and work from their ...

    there is no easy cheap method to getting great weed most if not all comes from experience

    understanding the relationship between plants and its exudates is vital

    IMO: aim for the fungi dominate soils and stop piddling about like a 7yo in a sandpit

    good luck
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  4. Thanks for the tip I started studying it today it’s really interesting

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  5. You may like 'Diamond Black' humic and fulvic acids.
  6. Yes! Organic is the way forward.
    Canna do full line of soil and nutrients fully organic. No need to PH or EC the feed ever again.
  7. I was thinking more in the lines of mixing a soil from scratch and growing without having to use bottled nutrients at all.
  8. Yes this can be done! But gets quite messy if you don't have outside space to mix etc and can be difficult for a novice to get the mix right. In my experience they always get yellowing after week 3 of flower, hence canna bio vega used to up N in veg, not expensive and don't need to be EC or PHed, it can't get any more simple for the guy then
  9. Not hard at all, just follow a recipe for the soil like the one in the no tilll thread . I live in a small apartment and could still manage to mix 100gallons of soil, I just did it in batches. But the nice thing is that you only need to make the soil once, Im on the fourth year with the same soil, in the same 100gallon pot, all I do is the ocational top dress and water.
  10. Could you tell me what particular mix you use as a matter of interest. I see what your saying with the 100 gal pot, fair enough
  11. I use the recipe from the No-till thread, except that I add a cup of lime per cubic foot of soil.

    No-Till soil mix:
    Mix Equal parts:
    CSPM (Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss)
    Aeration (Pumice/Lava rock)
    Compost - Quality is key here.

    Amend per CFt with:
    1/2 - 1 cup Neem or Karanja meal
    1/2 - 1 cup Kelp meal
    1/2 - 1 cup Crab/Crustacean meal
    1 cup MBP (Malted Barley Powder)

    1/2 cup Gypsum (nice sulphur source)
    4-6 cups Rock Dust (Basalt is best but any will do)
    6-8 cups Biochar
    1 cup lime (oyster shell flower, dolomite...)

    ***Small handful of worms per container***
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  12. This is something I'm going to have to give some thought and try out, thanks for that :thankyou: do you ever experience N deficiency with this mix? in the past I've always had trouble not being able to keep up enough N to enter flowering, in the past I've actually ended up using an N additive a few years back just to prevent the buds from yellowing along with the leaves and ruining a whole harvest! Yellow sugar leaves never good, maybe it was the strain at the time but I don't know :bang:
  13. No I never had deficiencies with this soil , the trick is to use big pots (15-20gallons) for this style of growing
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  14. This is probably the answer then, biggest I've used is 30l pots which is just 6.5 gal. I thought they'd be big enough but if you're using pots triple the size then I've got some way to go! How long do you veg for, this time I went from 11 liter pots into 30's 11 week outdoor veg in total.
  15. I'm not really an example cause I flower rooted clones SOG style, so I dont veg .
    You could ask in the no-till thread
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
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