Trying to help friends indoor soil grow!

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  1. Hey all.
    First time trying to post with phone. Will update later at home. my friend stared some clones i gave him. he preferred the natural method whereas i am fascinated by hydro. they are about a month or so into flowering and having some discoloration. hoping for an easy fix. my guess is nute lockout. will attempt posting pics. thanks for reading.
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    will have to wait on posting pics. sorry. really need help though!!!!!

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  3. More than Likely Nute lockout but it is possible the plant isn't getting enough nutes since it is in flowering,and they should be feed more often than a plant in the veg stage.
  4. we need pictures. usually if the plant was fed with chemical nutes, itll have a lockout towards the end of the grow. this requires a flushing by watering with straight water from now till end.

    this is a delicate process becuase the plant doesnt like a lot of water, especially during flower.

    fan leaves are supposed to die off when the plant is close to harvest, this is normal.
  5. thanks for your replies. your right on the chem nutes. i will post pic in a few hours. thanks for your patience.
  6. i thought it was perfectly normal for plants 4weeks into flower to lose color , cant see a problem with your plants , they look fine, how long is the flowering period?
  7. they were started nov 7. 400w hps. 450 cfm exhaust. cpl fans. fox farm soil. perlite. even some lava rocks at bottom lol. 5gal buckets.
  8. those plants dont seem to be developed equally, Id definitly start flushing the one(s) that already got a lot of yellowing going on, but Id wait a week or maybe more with the others. aim for two weeks of flushing before harvest.
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    they look fine. just use regular water from now on

    flushing will cause a sudden drop in ppm of nutes, which is stressful

    and flushing will make the soil very wet, which is stressful

    if you want, add a 1-1-1 organic compost to the yellowing one. do it at 1/2 strength though. put it on top layer of soil, and water in (on watering day)
  10. thanks guys for all your help. gave him the info. will let you know what happens!!!

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