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    Well guys it's definitely a late update (and my first at that) but i wanted to get some feedback. I'm doing a SCROG grow of two "Great White Shark" clones (from a seeded mother). The plants are under a 6 bulb 4 foot Quantum Badboy for 18 hours a day. I feed them Fox Farm, yet only half of the suggested amount on the same schedule (just the three liquids Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom). This isn't my first grow but hopefully its more successful then my last and thats why I've come to talk to you guys.... Any tips, suggestions, criticism anything to help me get this to be a great grow would be AWESOME 
    Oh btw, The girls are 2 months old
    Should i start to flower them or should i wait?????


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  2. Just search on google for scrog tutorials as well as grasscity. Also i am sure the experienced users of grasscity will help you out with any problem if you update your grow regularly. I once read the best guide on how to do it but have lsot it and have never seen it no matter how much i have searched. Lastly you can check this video: it is helpful and educational!
  3. thank you 

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