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    Alright guys. Could use some help here with temps. I'm sure you've never heard that one before. But in all seriousness I'm getting ready for my next grow and my temps are outrageous sitting at 93 with the lights on and nothing inside the tent.

    I currently have a tent from htg(don't recommend because of the ways the holes are setup but it's what I have to Work with right now) in a closet with the door open. It's 22"x36"x60". It has 1 4" hole in the bottom right as well as a flap that is rectangular next to it which I'm not sure I could light proof. Then it has 2 6" holes in the top of the tent and 2 6" holes on the right and left sides near the top. In addition it has another 4" opening in the top back corner. Sorry if that makes little sense. Tried to explain it best I could.

    Anyway I have a 600w bulb in a air cooled hood, a 6" 440 cfm inline fan and a 120cfm booster fan. I also need to hook up my carbon filter to all this. Currently I don't have my booster fan in use. I am currently running filter<hood<Fan while hitting these temps. Anyway my question for you is how you would try to set these up. I was considering going from outside the tent<hood<booster fan. And then maybe using the filter<inline. Do you think this could work?

    Also I currently have an ac in the bedroom that the closet is in but my exhaust is blowing into the bedroom. I know that exhausting to the attic would be ideal and if that's my only option I can do it but would really like to avoid that if possible.

    Anyway any ideas folks?

  2. Temp during day without light on? Temp during night without light on?

    Where are you drawing the air to cool the light from? Where is it discharging?
  3. Why avoid blowing heat into attic unless youre in snow? The attic absorbs and reflects heat and heats up anyways, especially if you have vents that air into a ducting through the attic.

    I say lower your ambient temp with ac or vent up and out, perhaps through filter if smell is a concern.
  4. Currently I keep the room at 72 so I know it's going to be above the ideal temp but if I can keep it from shooting up 20 degrees it would be nice. With the current setup I am pulling air from the tent over the lights. Thinking that May be one of the problems. It is currently being exhausted back into the bedroom the tent is in which I imagine is the other big problem.

    It's more so just not wanting to put the hole into the ceiling but again if that's what is needed than that's what is needed.

    Thanks for the quick replies guys.

  5. Oh yeah i hear ya on the hole :( its a bummer but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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