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Trying To Get My Med Card, Have Some Concerns

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Yellowboots87, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hello all!
    I'm a smoker and advocate of medical marijuana from Massachusetts, where medical cannabis has just become legalized. I have Crohn's disease, which is one of the approved conditions for medical cannabis, so naturally I would like to get my card. Marijuana does help me when I feel symptoms, and has anti inflammatory properties which is also good for me and my condition. I don't want doctors to put me on synthetic drugs if there is a natural alternative,

    My question here is mostly a concern for the stigma surrounding marijuana, and being a young person, I'm afraid of not being taken seriously or other repercussions if I attempt to get a medical card. Especially since the legalization is so new here, not all doctors here may have an open mind about it. Those of you here with a medical card... How was your experience getting the card? What did you have to do? How we're people's attitudes towards you?
  2. Well, both of my "actual" neurologists wouldn't sign, nor would my primary physician. 
    I had to go to some sketchy-ass strip mall with a bunch of clearly un-ill people who were all talking about getting baked as hell etc.  I was astonished. 
    Personally, I feel that recreational marijuana use is not a crime.  However, it is NOT COOL to play a system that is meant to help sick people.  It gives the movement a bad rap, and makes the amazing herb seem like a joke.
    The meeting with the doctor was imo highly impersonal.  There was no physical examination.  It lasted five minutes.  This guy was clearly out there just to make a buck, he was clearly not interested in my symptoms at all, let alone how it helped improve my quality of life.  He reviewed the forms I filled out, looked at the MRI results once and said, "Ok. You're approved." He signs the paper.  "Enjoy."  TBH, I felt like he saw me as a means to an end; my one hundred dollars.  Period.
    The stigma is present.  But as REAL patients we must stand up for ourselves, and our beloved herb, in hopes that we can help others realize that cannabis may help them.  I have a legitimate medical benefit from cannabis, as I'm sure you do.  We now have the choice of pills or a simple plant that can be grown ourselves.  We have a way to treat our ailments outside of pharmacies and insurance companies and all that shit. I no longer contribute to the pharmaceutical companies' executives multi-million dollar bonuses either. 
    Tell your doctor that it truly does help.  Go to a REAL doctor.  Not a "weed doc."  If you must go to a "weed doc," do some research and choose one that seems pretty legit.  Not the sign on the side of the road that reads, "Toke up! Legally!" Say that he is fully protected under the law and there is no risk for him.  Explain exactly how you benefit from cannabis, and remind him that it is his duty to help improve his patient's well-being and quality of life.  Pills can present risks down the road.  No long-term effects from cannabis.
  3. You sir with your condition should have absolutely no problem
  4. My cousin has Crohn's disease really bad and it was threatening to kill him and he is sense then gained a bunch of weight and all the symptoms are gone away

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