Trying to get my life back together

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    OK so for years I was pretty active, felt good, smoked regularly and had a good circle of friends. Ever since about mid last year (when I moved away) I've been spending more and more time on my computer, jerking off and overall just being an anti-social ghost. (pale as fuk now :()

    It's not that it's hard to find friends here, I just haven't put in the effort. Because Ive been way less active and always jerking it in front of my computer I've become "lifeless" I guess you could say.

    I realize now that I need to get my life back together. I live in a sweet house by myself, have all the weed I need etc. And now I've made a pact to quit fapping altogether, leave my computer off ALL DAY after work and do activities (whatever it may be, me and my old bros used to find heaps of shit to do.)

    So I ask you guys, if you're a bit of a loner, what do you do to keep yourself occupied? Keep in mind NO COMPUTER, TV only before bed, and wanting to do general active shit. Lately I've been taking walks, bike rides, doing work around the house, going to the gym, but there's a limit when you don't have anyone to do anything with. (beach, movies, clubs, bars etc.)

    What do you guys suggest?
  2. I find myself struggling with this delemna also. Take up some hobbies. Try skateboarding, surfing, boogie boarding, golf, hiking, or mountain climbing. Anything that requires physical activity would be good. Do what you enjoy doing.
  3. I suggest you get a girlfriend. Male friends are impossible to make outside of work/school.
  4. ride your bike all over
  5. Hi,

    share some of that weed and I'll be your friend. :cool:

    EDIT: we can play video games and kill shit, too.
  6. Getting a girlfriend isnt easy either as I have no social value which is all chicks really want is a guy with high social status.
  7. fuck trying, homie.

    just do it.

    put it back together
  8. Start lifting some weights, get big and strong and all the single ladies will say put a ring on it.
  9. Hey man it sucks when you have nothing to do all day.

    Like others said pick up an outdoor hobby. I started riding cross country trail bikes a few years ago for the same reason. Gives me something to do that's fun and it's great exercise, which helps a ton with the whole down on life mindset.

    You're trying to meet the wrong kind of girl.
  10. I don't know the whole extent to your situation.. but use the computer to become more social. Facebook some friends up and see when they wanna chill and smoke a blunt with you. Before you know it you will be out and about everyday, come back home, chill on the computer and smoke a few more bowls. :smoking:
  11. I drink alot, i guess.
  12. I have a home gym so I lift weights and ride my bike nearly every day so I'm actually pretty big, strong and fit already. One thing I've learned is personality > looks.

    I think my problem is I try to stay away from this kind of girl (gold diggin drunk ones). In my mind this type of girl is EVERY girl because all the girls I meet are attention seeking whores who have no depth. But I know not all girls are like that, I just don't know where to look for the nice ones (if they exist).

  13. You just have to get lucky enough to meet them.

    Unless there is some secret I dont know either..
  14. first get off GC.

    maybe go fishing. thats fun as hell high.
  15. This isn't true at all. I've made many good/long term friends outside of school and work. I've been skateboarding for well over 7 years of my life, and I've met more friends while out street skating than anything else.
  16. wait, your getting all the drunken goldigging girls? send a few of them over my way :)
  17. if your not going to use you computer, then how are you going to check this thread? your already cheating!
  18. What the FUCK IS YOUR FUCKING ADDRESS?!?! im coming round to steal your fucking computer, WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
  19. This is my work computer, I'm talking about not using my home computer.

    I spend 8 hours a day on computer at work + anywhere from 2-4 when I get home. So I'm eliminating home computer then am going to look for a manual labor job even to eliminate computers out of my life altogether.

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