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Trying to get my girl friend high, but....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hibred, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. So my friend tried smoking once at a party and she didn't feel it at all so she thinks it's dumb now.(i wasn't at this party, else she woulda been flying) but anyways, i told her to try it again but she says she wants to get a new job now and that she doesn't want to smoke because she might have to take a piss test. she's like 115 lbs with close to no body fat. if she were to smoke, how long would it have to be til she's clear to take a piss test without having to take niacin and all that? and if anyone has any good persuasive methods that'd help...
  2. Thats fucked up, don't try to persuade anyone into smoking weed if they dont want to. Especially if they are trying to get a job. It is alot harder than people think to get it out of your system. I dont know why anyone would want to put their girl through something like niacin because its more of a last resort.
  3. first of all, she's a girl friend not my girlfriend and secondly she wants to, but she doesn't wanna get a job for like, another month. i know by then it'd be out of her system but a second opinion never hurts
  4. Eh I didnt see the space in between. The way you described it she totally didn't want to. But really dont jeopardize a job because I just went through that shit, it isnt fun. Popping niacin is terrible for you and so is the serious stress the test causes. Infact I just took my DT today and probably failed it :/
  5. Why not StonedCrusader? I know that if I wouldn't have been persueded I wouldn't be where I am today. Everyone needs someone to introduce 'em. Some don't, but I find it hard to imagine one person alone deciding to start up smoking by themselves, finds dealers and all that alone. I can think of one guy right now that if I wouldn't have met I probably wouldn't be smoking today
  6. I feel that it isn't right to push a person into doing something they don't want to do. I was taught that by the person that got me in to smoking. Then again thats only my opinion because I am not a marijuana advocate. I just really like smoking it I don't try to push it on to other people. I decided on my own after getting some true facts from my friend, but it was nothing like persuasion. If someone comes up to you and says, "I've been thinking about trying weed." or some shit then yeah of course persuation is a great thing.
  7. Its actually a lot easier than you think to get it out of your system. All these rumors get regurgitated over and over on these message boards. Recent studies have shown your body will process about 1 bowl over 24 hours. (give or take, alot depends on metabolism and how often you smoke). I have to take drug tests all the time. The quickest I have had to pass one was in 4 days. And I passed it too, this was after smoking probably an ounce over the previous week. I have a pretty fast metabolism but im also a big guy at 6'5" 250.

    Thats said, dont pressure your girl to smoke. She won't have fun if she doesnt want to be doing it. Wait for the right time and get her fucked up.
  8. 120 lbs, little body fat, not a daily toking thing? That will be out of her system prob in a week much less a month.
  9. stonedcrusader, im with ya man. I only smoke with someone if THEY 100% ask me to, i will never ask someone too. like if im going to a party and the owner of the house doesnt want me to smoke, before OR during, i wont.
  10. Well i'm on the same side, if you dont want to smoke thats fine by me.. more weed for me, but since this girls already tried it its not like she's giving in to peer pressure or anything, dude just wants her to see what its like to actually get high and chill, instead of not get high, at a party.

    I never had smoked just because I never had the oppourtinity up until.. my first time it was i think 7th grade in the bathroom.. horrible pipe, probably horrible weed. i didnt feel any different,but the second time i smoked which was probably 3 months later I was chillen at a friends in his basement and his brother had the bong all loaded up..dank nug.... i got blazed as hell and chilled.. was like damn wow this is great.
  11. ya, if im at a firends and they don't want me to blaze at their place im totally chill with that it's totally understandable. but in this situation it's like she's already tried it, and i want her to experience what we all have experienced rather then thinking that weed is stupid and doesn't do anything because i do know people that have refused to try it after their first time because they say it didn't affect them
  12. Ya know come to think of it i didnt get high my first time either i think i didnt inhale or sumthin well i dunno i know i was fried second time tho LMAO
  13. damn that blows, my girl loves reefer and i love that :smoke:
  14. Yeah true but I was mainly speaking of us daily smokers heh. 1 bowl in 24 hours can add up to alot smoking 4 or5 bowls a day
  15. Sigur ros.
  16. she'll be fine. check the forums for ways to get it out of your body. it is really easy to pass a drug test so tell her not to worry about it. if she is worried, wait 1.5 weeks and have her drink a lot of water, you don't even have to bother ith niacin. i think u should have her smoke. my theory is that if we all try and get as many people into weed as possible, then maybe the man will make more efforts to decriminalize it, so spread the love brotha!

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