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  1. So, I'm tired of smoking blunts. I'm trying to get into vaporizing. I was checking out Snoop Dogg's G pen and Action Bronson. Under the Action Bronson review I saw how it said in little small print how it basically only last 5-6 weeks depending on the frequency of use. Also, my friend bought a $40 GPen from the local tobacco store and it broke in about 3-4 weeks. What kind of vaporizing tool would you reccommend to start me off? Also,preferably something that I can be mobile with. Thanks GC community. 

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    I've had 3 g pens, longest one lasted me 8 months before needing to replace the coil. Used it all day everyday
  3. I just quit blunts and switched to a vape. I have the Arizer Solo snd I really recommend it if you're looking to switch. I tried a snoop dogg g-pen but it was more of a combustion device. Ive never owned a vape before the solo but I feel like for the price, its worth it. Its pricey but it will pay for itself in a month.
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    They're talking about the heating element, not the gpen itself. Gpens are known to have their heating elements break in about a month's use (they're cheap and easy to replace), but they're only worth it if you're smoking concentrated shit. 
    If you're not, then just invest in the Magic Flight Launch Box.
  5. I second the MFLB.

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  6. Ayyy thanks. I thought the actual Pen broke as well. So, I would basically be replacing the heating element, every time it breaks?? Also, how would I go about doing that?
  7. If you really plan on getting into "vaping" dry herbs. Stay away from using pens. They combust which is basically the same thing as smoking. Its like an electronic pipe. I would invest in something like a Magic Flight Launch Box if you want a decently priced good vape for dry herbs.

    There are other options but they cost more but keep in mind you get what you pay for. I heard the T-Vape is a decent pen vape for dry herbs. I'm not sure how true that is. I heard you can even vape joints.

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  8. Yes, and it's not that hard. The GPen has 3 parts to it: the mouthpiece, the battery, and the heating element (which is in-between the mouthpiece and the battery). You just pull apart the mouthpiece and the battery from the heating element, and voila.
    Also, heating elements on ebay go for about $10 for 5 of them, so you'll be good. Again, I'd like to emphasize that it's only really worth it if you're smoking wax/shatter. 
  9. If you want to put herb in it, don't buy a pen vape. A Gpen is about as effective at smoking weed as a pipe or papers. Notice how I didn't say vape. Get a mflb if you are serious. There are others out there like the lotus, firewood, the hammer. The list goes on. If you want to stop smoking blunts don't buy a pen vape. 
  10. My first portable was the Arizer Solo. Great vape though a bit bulky. I like the easy changing of the heat setting, the taste of the vapor and good battery life. I got a Pax which is more refined and easier to carry in a pocket. Harder to keep clean. The mouthpiece sticks at times when popping up, need to keep it lubricated, and the vapor tastes more combusted than smooth. Hope that makes sense.

    I just got a Haze as a birthday present for flower and wax. I'm not sure if I like it, works fine with flower but has problems with the wax, at least how I've been using it. Might get in touch with them for tips. Think it was more designed for liquid, not wax.

    Agree on vape pens, they combust the weed a lot, might as well smoke a blunt. Also, just don't get a good hit like you do with the bigger models. Pens are really for concentrates.

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    I have the haze and I personally love it!
    I use the little all purpose cans for herb and oil/wax. When I tried it with wax my experience was great. I took out the fiber wicks in the cans and put a dab size amount in the bottom of a can
    I had great success with it on temp settings 3 and 4 (you also have to make sure you don't hold the haze upside down when using oil or wax cause it might leak out the cans)
    Do you know if you have the newest version of the haze? The newest one out is the v2.5 and it has new temp settings that work better than the old ones.
    They also are offering an upgrade program on there site now so if you have an older model haze you can upgrade to the newest version for 99$ and your old haze will go to a patient in need that is just learning how to vaporize!
    Haze is an awesome company.
  12. Bubba do you have the 2.5 version ?

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