Trying to get biggest yield in smallest place .

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  1. How do i maximize yield while minimizing space ?
  2. Thank you snoop
  3. I'm bored, so. best way is lst, along with control the height by tying down certain spots of the plants. Fimming just allows you to control the amount of colas on a plant. You want 2, fim. Want 4, fim the ines you fimmed before, after they start to grow again( a week or so)

    These two ways are the two easiest, theres scrogging but Ive never done that. Hopefully this helps out a bit.
    Time to finish my totinos and get stoned.

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  4. Haha enjoy brah . Thank you for the advice . I will definitely do that
  5. I agree, lst is probably the easiest way to maximize yield and manage height. Topping, fiming, lst, scrog, and super cropping are all ways to do this.
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    Scrog is all up to you, personally I don't think its a bit of a hassle using a net, but I've seen it done multiple times with good results. I would use a scrog method if you plan on putting so many colas on a plant that you need to spread the branches out over a bigger surface area to provide more light to your plant. Low Stress training is something I always do and I don't have size restrictions. It helps get light to lower branches and also makes your plant stronger. Topping and Fimming help increase the amount of colas you have on a plant, but it also reduces the size of all those colas so some people like to just have one fat 2 oz cola and a bunch of larfy buds on the rest, me personally I like 16 medium sized colas and no larf. Another thing I have yet to try myself but have buddy's and a clone that received Main Line training. Its a type of training that makes you plant shoot even amounts of nutrients to each cola, giving you more even and manageable canopy. Besides that strain comes into account, I wouldn't grow a sativa if you have limited space, Indicas are more fat and bushy and don't get very tall. Sativas are vine like and have a lot more leafs and stretch to deal with. Find yourself a nice high yielding 100% learning Indica. What you feed your plant also will help yields out but If i was to go into that I would be writing paragraphs on stuff. Once you get a basic grow method down and have some experience using that method you can research the small things that may or may not increase yield or potency then add them to your growing process if you think it helps. Right now get some plants learn these training methods and crop a plant, don't worry about yield right now, just worry about perfecting a simple method. 
 Main Lining Tutorial 
 LST Training Tutorial
 SCROG Net Tutorial
 Topping/Fimming Tutorial
  7. . Fuck yeah bro thank you so much for your help and time

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  8. No problem friend anything I can do to help let me know!

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