Trying to germinate with cold weather

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  1. Hey guys, first up this is my first post on the forums, so I'd like to take a second to say hi and that you'll probably be seeing me around the forums from now on :p

    Anyway, I live in Australia and currently it's winter. I'm trying to germinate my first ever batch of seeds.

    I tried the water cup method but no matter what the water would always get cold. So I've put a new batch of seeds into a damp paper towel, wrapped it in cling wrap and I now have them sitting on my PlayStation to prevent them getting cold.

    Will this work? I've checked a few times and the wrap had been warm to the touch - is this too warm for the seeds? Any help/other methods appreciated!

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  2. I'm in Australia to man, get 2 small plates.. some tissue... wet the tissue on the plate, fold the tissue over the seeds... drain the excess water off and then put the other plate on top for darkness and just keep in a warm room where you have the heating on... they will pop in a few days...
  3. I would do this, however the heater goes off at night. My PS4 is a lot cheaper to let idle than the heater - I'm a student so funds are very tight. The heater rarely ever goes on
  4. Just think spring conditions man.. does not need to be hot.. and yeah the heat from the PS4 should be fine.. just don't cook them
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  5. Every grower has their preferred method, and the best method is the one that works for you - I prefer Rapid Rooters or Jiffy Pellets because it's foolproof - no extra handling. I put mine in the oven (not turned on of course) with the oven light on and the door cracked open - it maintains a steady 78 F, and they pop in 2-3 days. I can't remember the last time a seed didn't germinate. Would you mind telling us about your grow plan? Based on your posts you don't have very much money - which lights are you going to use?

  6. Never thought of that, will have to try it eventually.

    Regarding my grow plan, I've actually done quite a bit of research. I'm going to be growing from my closet, for now I have 2 24w cfl globes in warm white, 1550 lumens each, and another 24w cfl in cool daylight. I will be adding more as need be.

    The grow room is also lined with tin foil, and I will also be insulating it with a couple blankets to keep the area warm (grow room is actually a large box in my closet). I also have a small fan.

    Only thing I haven't sorted yet is soil/nutrients, as I need to do a little more research there before I jump into buying anything
  7. How many plants u gonna grow
  8. How many plants are you planning on growing? Flat white paint will reflect the light much better than aluminum foil.
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  9. I'm thinking just 2 for my first grow.

    I'm aware white paint will reflect better but these are being grown in a large brown cardboard box, in my closet, so foil might be a little better than cardboard :p The box is partially an attempt to mask as much of the scent as I can later on, but the main reason is that I'd like to be able to keep the cold out by wrapping blankets etc around the box. It gets ridiculously cold here during night times this time of year
  10. If you're going to grow two plants you are going to need a lot more light. Your lights should be able to keep the closet warm - why don't you just make your plant's daytime your night.
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  11. Yeah, as I said I'll be adding more lights as I need them - for 2 plants though how many cfls would you recommend? Also, will definitely be making my plants daytime my night in hopes that the blankets + cfls will keep the room at a good temp.

    I was thinking of using the whole closet, but I was under the impression the cfls don't emit much heat and therefore I'd need another way to regulate the temperature
  12. I'm in nz I just planted mine a week n a bit ago not germed under a cfl on it second set of leaves atm
  13. The amount of light you're using is not nearly enough for one plant let alone 2. Do yourself a favour and buy an led off amazon. Much better than those cfls when it comes time to flower.

    First grow using cfls.
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  14. This is true....heres what happened when I didnt have enough light. I wish I wouldve gotten proper lighting BEFORE I let this plant stretch. Ive got marshydro 300 on the way and it was only about $60 US. I tried to grow pictured plant with 90w LEDs and it simply didn't work and was a waste of my time....[​IMG]

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  15. Ahh the learning begins
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  16. I'm totally learning. Sorry I just got mad about killing my poor bastard..miss stretch armstrong...shes flowering though...[​IMG]

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  17. ya router mines on all the time and sits arounf 27c so perfect to germ seeds :)

    tho i mostly just stick it in the soil and wait lol
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  18. But back to learning....the above pictured plant is literally doing better in partial sun from my kitchen window than she did under my 90w led. I tried growing this plant under insufficient light and it didn't work at all like I had hoped. These people told me to get stronger/better lights, I got mad and then learned they're right...I was wrong. Gotta get good lights before growing. Ive got some on the way but for now the suns doing better...

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  19. aluminium foil reflects less light than flat white paint also aluminium foil can focus light which can damage the plants

    ideally you want 100w plus 50w for every additional plant. and the come flower alot more. :)
    that large box you have.... its not cardboard is it.
    just i tried a nassive cardboard box was gtreat for 2-3 weeks then it just flopped as hum was high and making it soft haha

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