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Trying to find out what caused this

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cluelessly, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I had just recently purchased a bag of some dro from a friend of mine. Unfortunately, this was one of the few times i have ever had to front the money in advance but will definitely be the last. Anyway, I took a look at it and was seriously impressed that it was extremely buddy and they were very large/thick.

    However, one thing I noticed was that 1 most of the larger buds had foxtails growing out of them. I have never seen anything that looked like it. The second problem was that even though it was EXTREMELY sticky as I was breaking it up.. the shit sparks and sizzles when lit.. Another first for me.. It does not appeared to be sprayed as I have and a few others have tried it but it has no taste. However, it's high is very weak in comparison to other high grade that I have had before.

    The biggest questions I have does it seem to be laced? Did it re-enter veg and lose its potency? It looks nice but it's odor almost smells like woods, or a very faint lilac. and no real taste to it when smoked.

    How do i tell if it's molded?

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  2. The picture is a little blurry man, it's hard to tell.
  3. I fucking love the resolution of your picture.
  4. Sorry about that.. For whatever reason it won't let me upload anymore (probably doing everyone a favor (lol) but here are some better pics..



  5. Doesnt look moldy but it looks odd to me but im pretty sure sizzling is it wasnt flushed or cured right or something like that buts its still fine to smoke if thats the case
  6. ooh that shit's dank

    but at the same time it looks a little... strange? :smoke:
  7. Tap some of the trichs off and rub them with your finger on the shiny side of a CD. If they scratch it, that's not a good sign. Means something might have been added to make it more appealing looking.

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