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  1. Hey GC whats up?? Ok so i was in my room sitting cleaning my chilium and shit when all the sudden it breaks for no reason!!!:mad: i was kinda pissed but it was a chillum so whatever. About 30 sec later i decide i need to pack a bowl in my sidecar to cope with my resent lose...:( But before i could pack it i relize that the bowl aint even clean so i pull out my hand cleaning tool. And right when i touch the tool to my baby, the bowl break!!!!! So now im sitting in my chair with 2 broken pieces not nowing what to do. So i smoke my hitter ....:smoke: which was nice. But now im without anything fun and exciting to toke out of, so i come here for help!!!!:wave:

    -If you got any ideas of were to buy from online hit me up
    -Post pictures of the pieces that you think would be legit
    -Price range no more than 35$
    -Looking for anyhting thats sweet

    Thanks GC
  2. I know of one place online that sells pieces.
    Its called like, grasscity, or something. Idk, google it
  3. go to a headshop and see how you can do there, you can usualluy get a better peice there then online if your not looking for anything big
  4. i dont really like grasscity selection, maybe thats just me!!:rolleyes:
  5. yeah but i just wanna buy one right now online...!!:D
  6. Go to a tutor before you start smoking. I think there was some grammatical errors in that there OP.

    Don't use what you were using to clean your bowls anymore. :smoke:
  7. not susposed to say this, but
  8. ya if u have the money... haha
  9. haha i was thinkin the same thing. OP are you using a fucking hammer to clean your pieces? iso is much safer fyi :D

    seriously tho if i were you i'd hit up your local headshop instead of buying online. that way you get the piece the same day you shell out the cash.

  10. I see you live in SoCal, like me. You'll want to head over to Venice Beach to get your glass. Unless it's like a three hour drive it'll be worth it. Most of the stores have ho-hum prices but you'll find the good ones if you know where to look. I go to Smoking Heaven, they hook it up every time and they have a money-back guarantee if you find the same piece for less money.

    You can't beat that. :cool:

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